Top 15 Fascinating X-ray Images to See Funny Skeletons

Even if we didn’t do S in high school, there are scientific anecdotes that interest us and, even better, images that fascinate us. Since we all want to see what the skeleton of an animal looks like but we don’t really want to open it to look, we are very happy to have X-ray images.

1. A pregnant dog with a litter of puppies

2. And a cat pregnant with a litter of kittens, just as terrifying

3. A small child’s hand, bones far too small

4. And the feet of a 10 month old baby

5. Too big a snake

6. A gymnast performing a figure

7. X-ray of a hen with a stuck egg

8. A hammerhead shark in front of X-rays

9. The jaw of a 7-year-old child who still has his baby teeth and the roots of permanent teeth

10. X-ray of a guy who dislocated his jaw eating cereal.

11. The X-ray of a ray, it’s true that it’s fascinating

12. A turtle with her eggs

13. CT scan of a patient who had a panic attack and moved while taking

14. The paws of an adorable puppy

15. The skull of a pug

We are not 100% sure that all these images are real so if you want to have authentic images, go rather harass interns at the hospital.

Via Buzzfeed

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