Top 15 big inconsistencies in The Batman, it was frankly abused

You went to see the movie The Batman ? If not, get out of here because you’re going to get spoiled badly. If so, I hope you haven’t found the perfect movie because we’re here to spot all the mistakes and inconsistencies we saw for 2:55. After discovering the hidden details in The Batmanit’s time to knock out the film by pointing out all its absurdities.

1. When Batman appears from behind a pole as if it were normal

When Batman joins James Gordon after seeing the Bat-Signal in the sky, he appears out of nowhere. Finally yes, he was behind a post. No no, it makes no sense but we all acted like nothing had happened.

2. When the phone rings for 1 hour in Colson’s hand

When a car arrives in the church during the funeral of the mayor, the little regretted Don Mitchell Jr, we quickly realize that it is Gil Colson who is driving. The latter has a bomb around his neck and a ringing telephone attached to his hand. Between the time the phone starts ringing and the time Batman picks up, a lot of time goes by. Does that mean the Riddler called back 75 times?

Picture credits: DC Films – 6th & Idaho Productions

3. When the cops wait until the last moment to try to remove Batman’s mask

After the bomb explodes in the church, Batman wakes up in an interrogation room with 50 policemen around him wondering if they should take off his mask to find out who’s hiding underneath. The question is why did you wait so long? The guy passed out in a church, was not taken to hospital when he was 10 centimeters from a bomb and was taken to the station and no one thought to take off his mask before ?

Picture credits: DC Films – 6th & Idaho Productions

4. When the Batmobile comes out of nowhere

When Wayne and Gordon go in search of the Penguin to find out if he is “el rata alada”, they quickly find themselves in bad shape. As Batman was lying down and nearly unconscious, he suddenly disappears and is discovered to be in the Batmobile which was parked in the shadows. How did the Batmobile get there on its own? Considering the noise it makes when starting, it would have been difficult not to hear it coming.

5. When the car ramp appears on the right truck at the right moment of the chase with the Penguin

Of course, we are entitled to a super badass chase with scary close-ups and impossible situations. Fast and Furious. It’s normal, it remains an action film above all. On the other hand, the ramp for cars that appears on the truck in front of Batman at the right moment is a bit too capillotracted.

Picture credits: DC Films – 6th & Idaho Productions

6. When contact lenses magically work again

When Catwoman talks to Batman in the bathroom mirror of the 44 Below, she removes the lenses and the connection with Wayne is cut. That probably means she crushed the lenses or they turn off when you take them off. In this case, why does Wayne manage to see Selina and her cat when the contact lenses are on the floor at the young woman’s?

Picture credits: DC Films – 6th & Idaho Productions

7. When the cop says in shock, “He has over 500 followers.”

When the cops find out what Edward Nashton is posting online, one of them exclaims “He has over 500 followers.” As if that was a lot. Except hey, most people have at least that number of friends on Facebook and it doesn’t shock anyone.

8. When Bruce discovers the light diodes under the carpet

To find more clues, Wayne returns to Nashton’s house in the middle of the night and discovers a map of Gotham under the carpet. All around the city map, there are LEDs that flash to represent the bombs on the dam. So already, it requires a hell of an electrical installation and moreover, how is it that we can’t see them through the carpet which is super thin?

9. When we find out that the Riddler wants to attack Bruce Wayne when he hasn’t done anything

The Riddler’s original plan is to go after the city’s corrupt powerful to punish them for stealing the money from the “Renewal” project. Indeed, this charitable project launched by Bruce’s father was intended to help raise the orphans of the city, of which Nashton was a part, in better conditions. When we learn that the final plan of the Riddler is to kill Bruce Wayne so that he pays for the crimes of his father, we no longer understand the delirium. Wasn’t the idea to punish people who are really guilty?

Picture credits: DC Films – 6th & Idaho Productions

10. When the Riddler comes up with a super elaborate plan to kill Falcone when he could have done it at the mayor’s funeral

The whole point of the Riddler’s operation was to get Falcone out of his lair to kill him. Why didn’t you do it at the ceremony in honor of the deceased mayor? He could have aimed quietly from a building opposite.

Picture credits: DC Films – 6th & Idaho Productions

11. When the Riddler, who wanted to rid the city of corrupt vermin, finally decides to kill everyone

We quickly understand during the film that the Riddler attacks the rotten in society to eliminate corruption and the people begin to appreciate him, a bit like in Joker. And then finally he decides to kill everyone because why not after all. It makes absolutely no sense since his goal was to avenge the orphans and in the end, he creates new ones. This twist only serves to put the Riddler back into his heartless, crazed villain role to allow Batman to save the city as a hero. Weird.

12. When the cop says “we’re prepared for earthquakes but not for tidal waves” when Gotham is literally holding on thanks to three roadblocks

Maybe we should have thought about it before creating a city on the water.

Picture credits: DC Films – 6th & Idaho Productions

13. When Batman cuts a high voltage cable, falls into 2 meters of water and survives without problem

Seeing this scene, we say to ourselves “cool, Bruce commits suicide to save the people, what a nice message”. Except that no, the guy survives when he should have at least fainted and drowned. And come on, it’s going to save people by reaching out to them when they could very well come out like grown-ups…

Picture credits: DC Films – 6th & Idaho Productions

14. When Catwoman puts her cat on her motorbike and the cat disappears in the next shot

In the final scene of the film, Batman and Catwoman separate at the cemetery but just before, Selina is seen putting her cat on her motorcycle. We don’t really know if she was going to put it in a safe or not, but on the next shot, it just disappeared.

15. When it’s not clear if the Riddler understood that Bruce Wayne was Batman

To me, it seemed obvious that the Riddler had figured out Batman’s identity. Already, it is written on the wall of his apartment “I know who you are” with a photo of Wayne next to it but in addition, he still screams “BRUCE WAYNE, BRUCE WAYNE! in Batman’s face while he’s in his cell.

The thing is, the Riddler makes it clear that he wants to go after Bruce Wayne to pay for his father’s crimes and even try to kill him. He also says he wants Batman to be on his side and help him punish the bad guys. Her plan was even to end her days in prison with him and watch the city crumble from prison.

What do you think of it?

Picture credits: DC Films – 6th & Idaho Productions

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