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Top 15 best tweets about the polling station, that fateful moment

Hi little friends, I hope you’re doing well and that you haven’t forgotten that it’s the day we vote for our new president or new president. Even if we are all a little afraid of the result, we like to find these little rituals: looking for your electoral card, going to the polling station at 9 a.m. like a little old man, questioning your life in the voting booth and sulking when the assessor forgets to say “voted”. Five years already, how time flies…

1. You never know how to react

2. The moment we’ve all been waiting for

3. She tries everything

4. A little Sunday morning existential crisis

5. Well yes but no actually

6. I’m going to put one in the garbage room to yell at the neighbors

7. The guy wants to play a role everywhere

8. And this year they’re having the dogs vote

9. Little romantic date in perspective

10. Little memory of the regionals

11. You have to make a decision

12. Always complaining about these kids

13. So teachers are never quiet

14. Say goodbye to sleeping in

15. Another memory of the regionals, funny times

All you have to do is throw a coin in a fountain, find a 4-leaf clover and get the biggest piece of the wishbone for your ideal president to be elected!

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