Top 15 best tweets about Monday, the worst day in the universe

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend because you will barely have time to sigh in relief that it will already be Monday. And on Mondays, it stinks of shit; it must be admitted. Here are plenty of reasons why we hate Monday with all our soul, it’s deserved.

1. It’s better on Thursday to make the bridge

2. Still better than Monday in 8

3. They frankly abuse

4. It’s so bad luck

5. It’s always fun

6. And we continue with the lessons of the day without taking a shower

7. The art and the way to ruin people’s day

8. It’s not incompatible

9. One hour less sleep

11. The chance not to work on Mondays

12. Good day plan

13. I want her dream life

14. It’ll work I think

15. A city as we like them

And now, the time to read this top is already Monday. We warned you.

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