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Top 15 best series of 2022, for latecomers

The year 2022 is soon coming to an end and unsurprisingly we begin the list of things to remember about this passably passable year (you read that right). Today we are going to talk about the series that started this year and that absolutely should not be missed (finally if you missed some of them you are not going to die struck down by the hand of God on the spot either) and this may allow you to catch up.

1. The Bear

The young and promising chef Carmy returns to his native Chicago to take over his brother’s sandwich restaurant and tries to install the codes of haute cuisine there in the face of a somewhat closed-minded team. There like that, it’s not necessarily super seller, but I assure you that it’s completely crazy as a series.

Why did we really like it? Because it’s super well written, very (very) well directed (with an already cult sequence shot episode) and it can be watched super quickly.

Where to watch it? On Disney + my little chefs.

2. Severance

This impeccably cast and atmospheric series transports you to the labyrinthine offices of a very strange society. Employees agree to fragment their memory to have two lives, one private and one professional. So they leave their desks every night with no memory of what they just worked on, and that’s really very intriguing.

Why did we really like it? Because it’s super mysterious but at the same time really addictive, and the realization is spot on.

Where to watch it? On Apple TV my little office workers.

3. House of Dragons

This big prequel to Game of thrones was on a mission to take fans of the universe back into an all-new adventure with wigs, dragons, people betraying each other, and lots of armor.

Why did we really like it? Because even if it stings a little at first, it’s something to return to the GOT universe.

Where to watch it? On OCS my little dragons.

4. The world of tomorrow

After the film, the series (but the two have nothing to do I can assure you). The origins of French rap in the 80s through the youth of the two iconic members of the NTM group (and the first French DJ Dee-Nasty) is a success. It’s something to see how it all started in this tense time when people didn’t dress like us. Ah the advent of hip-hop, a very strange period.

Why did we really like it? For the actors who are very good and the atmosphere well transcribed, not to mention the soundtrack.

Where to watch it? On Netflix my little rappers.

5. We own this city

Twenty years is the time that separates the series The Wire and the miniseries We own this city, both written and produced by David Simon and George Pelecanos. It’s set in Baltimore, once again, and it tells the true story of dirty cops who felt they were above the law.

Why did we really like it? ‘Cause it reminded us how much The Wire was perfect, and that it’s still so well written and directed.

Where to watch it? On Canal + my little dirty cops.

6. Andor

An umpteenth Star Wars series after an umpteenth Star Wars trilogy would you be tempted to say, but in the end it’s probably the best series linked to the whole saga. Between investigation and action, it especially allows you to find one of the emblematic characters of the best Star Wars film of the last ten years: Rogue One (yeah I assume).

Why did we really like it? For the changing atmosphere and the pleasure of finding Cassian Andor.

Where to watch it? On Disney+ my little droids.

7. Tokyo Vice

Remained relatively discreet, the series of Ridley Scott more or less in connection with Miami Vice is however a great success. The actors are really good, the atmosphere of this criminal Tokyo is very well brought to the screen and we take undisguised pleasure in following this undercover investigation in the world of the Yakuza.

Why did we really like it? Because the atmosphere of Tokyo against the background of the Yakuza affair goes really well in the series.

Where to watch it? On Canal + my little undercover cops.

8. Rings of Power

Expected for almost 600 years, this super expensive series in the Tolkien universe had very different opinions but overall the feedback was quite positive. Already visually it was very beautiful, and if the story took a little time to set up we can especially say that it was a good intro in a few episodes.

Why did we really like it? Because it was a good surprise, the dwarfs are always so cool and visually it was insane as a movie.

Where to watch it? On Amazon Prime my little Hairy Feet.

9. Peacemaker

A real hit in the United States, this UFO from the DC universe is still relatively unknown in France since it is still not broadcast by a platform. For those who saw the last Suicide Squad know that we find the character Peacemaker there after the events of the film when he finds himself trapped in a completely stupid story.

Why did we really like it? Because it’s funny, really funny, violent, gory and quite quirky. Good James Gunn.

Where to watch it? On Amazon Prime (from December 30) my little eagles.

10. Sandman

The adventures deemed unsuitable by the master of dreams were frightening for comic book fans, but the presence of creator Neil Gaiman at the controls was quite reassuring. In the end, the series was more than faithful to the first parts of the comics, which is a feat when you know that the story is sometimes disjointed, and the whole universe worked well in the image.

Why did we really like it? Because it was well filmed, the characters well transcribed and the story just as gripping, even if it clearly won’t please everyone.

Where to watch it? On Netflix my little plots of minstrelsy.

11. Station Eleven

With the world more or less wiped out by a global pandemic 20 years ago, survivors are organizing to rebuild the whole mess. Among them, a troupe of actors perform performances of Shakespeare’s plays. Yeah, it’s original.

Why did we really like it? Because for once post-apocalyptic does not necessarily rhyme with zombies and monsters that eat everyone, and it’s damn well thought out as a series.

Where to watch it? On no platform yet, my streaming buccaneers.

12. Murderville

Astonishing concept: Will Arnett (Arrested Development, Bojack Horseman) plays a cliché cop with lots of other extras and an investigation is carried out in each episode by a guest (known personality) who has no idea of ​​the scenario. It gives really (really) funny scenes and it shows itself.

Why did we really like it? Because it’s very original, Will Arnett is great and there are really stupid and funny moments.

Where to watch it? On Netflix my budding police officers.

13. 1899

Yes, it wasn’t at Dark’s level, that’s for sure, but the adventure of the crew of this boat lost in the middle of the ocean has something to pique curiosity. We will have to see how it evolves from season two and if it does not end in Lost. In any case go see the details hidden in 1899, it’s nice.

Why did we really like it? Because even if there are twists that are a little messed up, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we were intrigued throughout.

Where to watch it? On Netflix my beetles that go under doors.

14. Dahmer

Inevitably, making a series on yet another serial killer was a daring bet, but whoever knows the disgusting and deeply shocking story of Jeffrey Dahmer knew that there was indeed something to tell. It was disturbing and sometimes very clumsy (especially on the fact of not asking their opinion of the families of the victims) but it had its success.

Why did we really like it? For the performance of Evan Peters.

Where to watch it? On Netflix my dodgy neighbors where it doesn’t smell good.

15. The Rehearsal

What if someone helped you to rehearse the most complex moments of your life before you lived them? This is the basic idea of ​​the series produced and embodied by Nathan Fielder, which I advise you to discover with the excellent and funny series “Nathan for you”, a mix between documentary and fiction just like this last product delivered by HBO .

Why did we really like it? Because Nathan Fielder is always on top and it’s really very, very original.

Where to watch it? Not yet broadcast in France at the time of writing these lines, my little extras.

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