Top 15 athletes who ended up ruined, plus a kopeck

They earn millions during their career and often we envy them a lot, but that doesn’t prevent some from ending up totally ruined, which is quite sad. So the “you don’t go with your money from your grave” may be true, but still having money helps a lot in life generally. Here are 15 examples of people who are a bit of a spendthrift (but just a bit, huh), or who are just really unlucky.

1. Dennis Rodman

When you’re a 5-time NBA champion, it’s generally okay, you have plenty of Japanese to eat on Sundays. And yet from the age of 50, Rodman had nothing left. For good reason, only the excesses of life, parties, alcohol and all the rest. Remember that the sportsman was nicknamed “Demolition Man”, it’s quite explicit I think. After Rodman, he’s still a guy who is friends with Kim Jong-un and who supported Trump in 2016… karma friends, karma.

2. Scottie Pippen

When we speak of one, we are necessarily obliged to speak of the other. Scottie Pippen was one of the former teammates of Michael Jordan, but also and above all, of Dennis Rodman. Like his friend, Pippen has lived a little too much (partying, alcohol and all the fuss) he would have thrown away about 120 million dollars, and bad investments finally got the better of his financial comfort…

3. Emerson Fittipaldi

Fittipaldi was almost a legend in Formula 1, twice world champion, he was also the first Brazilian to obtain this title. However, almost all of his property was seized, whether it was his money, his cars or even his trophies. Fittipaldi’s little problem was that he had about 60 lawsuits on his back before the State of Sao Paolo, banks, gas stations and many other structures for various causes such as unpaid bills for example. Not cool…

4. George Best

Best built his legend by being considered one of the most attacking in the history of football, and surely one of the best dribblers. The problem is that he was also addicted to gambling and a little too much alcohol (which is very sad when you think about it). To pay his debts, Best also had to sell his trophies and many of his possessions.

5. Arantxa Sanchez

Four Grand Slams will not be enough to prevent Sanchez from sinking some time after his retirement from sport. The former world number 1 was unfortunately ruined because of her own family, and in particular her parents who extorted several million euros from her.

Credits photo : Bill Mitchell

6. Ladji Doucoure

Double world champion in the 110m hurdles, Doucouré will not have long taken advantage of the small fortune accumulated with the medals. In 2015, the taxman asked him for nearly 265,000 euros in unpaid debts, and the poor man realized that he had been scammed by his financial advisers for a long time. To meet his debts he will have to sell the apartment he had offered to his parents, and other of his property. Again, it’s not his fault, so we can only pity him.

7. Jason Caffey

The story of his debt is quite crazy… if Jason Caffrey, former basketball player and two-time NBA champion, no longer has a round, it’s simply because he had too many wives and too many children. . 8 children and 7 wives, that’s a lot, a lot of pensions to pay and that’s why the basketball player has nothing left today. And yes, it can be a problem to have an artichoke heart…

8. Marion Jones

The story of Marion Jones is quite sad (in any case, I find it sad). The former sprinter, Olympic champion and world champion lost everything in a doping affair. What especially destroyed her was the fact of having been imprisoned for perjury (they don’t mess around with that in the USA) and of course, the legal costs got the better of the small fortune she had accumulated with her medals.

Credits photo (CC BY-SA 2.0) : Thomas Faivre-Duboz

9. Mike Tyson

Mike followed the path of all those athletes who burn all their money on bullshit and end up broke. An estimated fortune took 400 million dollars in trinkets that’s a lot you tell me. But when the trinkets in question are cars, houses and even tigers (yes yes), well it goes a little faster. And that’s how you find a great boxer in any turnip just to have a little cachet.

10. Bjorn Borg

IceBorg, by his nickname, is one of the first tennis players to have become a real phenomenon in the same way as a rock star, with his eleven Grand Slams and his beautiful blond mane. Yet in the 80s, he found himself ruined. Indeed, Borg ended his career at only 26 years old, and after that he wanted to embark on entrepreneurship. The small problem is that he was better for luck than for business, and that his company didn’t do very well (it went bankrupt, let’s say things). Don’t worry, he had enough side to get by, but Borg will have left some feathers there.

11. Christian Vieri

The former Inter footballer and Italian star lost everything playing classic poker. But in “all lost” I mean his company, real estate, cars, well a lot of stuff, the guy hadn’t bet a kebab if you know what I mean.

12. Delonte West, A very sad descent into hell

The former NBA champion has a tragic story. After earning a lot of money as a professional basketball player, he left the NBA and fell into a heavy depression and other psychological problems that gradually led him to the streets. In 2020, former fans notice him in Houston, in a daze, begging, and images of him handcuffed in Dallas, still in a daze, will greatly sadden former NBA players who decide on him. help financially.

13. Patty Schnyder

It was the meetings and the complicated private life of the former tennis player that forced her to have to sell her property at auction, in particular her rackets, in order to be able to pay off her debts estimated at several million dollars. The reasons for her debt are murky, but it would seem that the Swiss has a gift for surrounding herself with the most bizarre people. She lived for a long time with her former coach and husband Rainer Hofmann, with whom she had a relationship that was always talked about a lot, and it was during their separation that the tennis player confessed to being in debt of around 8 million dollars and that it was That was why she was forced to sell her property.

14. Carole Merle

The former alpine ski champion, the most successful French skier in ski world cup history, was unfortunately ruined at the end of her career. Already among all the sports we can do, I’m not sure that alpine skiing is the one that pays the best, but above all, the Frenchwoman had made many, many very bad financial investments, and that’s why she quickly found herself in debt up to her neck…

15. Floyd Landis

We end this top with Landis, the former teammate and friend of Lance Armstrong, who won his only Tour de France in 2006. Except that very quickly, this title was taken away from him because he was accused of doping (like his buddy). Landis spends a lot of money in legal fees (like billions of dollars) to finally admit that he was indeed doped, not very smart.

In addition to that, he was accused a few years later of having sponsored a hacking of a Tour de France laboratory, in short, all these accusations and these trials got the better of him, and that is why the former rider s is found to be on the straw…

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