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Top 15 artists who lift us the most, completely overrated guys

Yes, it is easy to make fun of art, and especially contemporary art. Yes. But we’re going to do it anyway, because it’s fun. And then also because it pisses us off to see certain artists being totally overrated when they always serve us the same thing, no wonder. Come on, step into our gallery for an exhibition of the craziest things in the world of art.

1. Banksy

Ohlala I make super subversive works to denounce society and I sell them to ultra rich people.

2. Ben

Ohlala I write such deep sentences like “I am what I am” on diaries.

3. Keith Haring

Ohlala I make drawings of 4 year olds that end up printed on ugly t-shirts.

4. Yves Klein

Ohlala I’m a genius because I only use one color.

5. Pierre Soulages

Ohlala I do everything the same as Yves Klein but with the black color.

6. Jeff Koons

Ohlala look I make balloon dogs and I sell them at indecent prices.

7. Jackson Pollock

Ohlala I do doodles on canvas I’m such an artist.

8. JR

Ohlala I have a mega printer and I hire lots of people who love to glue stuff.

9. Andy Warhol

Ohlala I paint the same photo in all possible colors, it’s completely crazy.

10. Gaudi

Ohlala I hesitated between pastry chef and architect and I mixed the two.

11. Mondrian

Ohlala look I make tiles with colors that look like it’s a tile.

12. Invader

Ohlala I glued pieces of squares to make AND give me a medal.

13. Marcel Duchamps

Ohlala I put toilets in an art gallery I invented a concept so much.

14. Damien Hirst

Ohlala I’m a psychopath who plays with corpses of dead animals but apparently we have the right.

15. Leonardo Da Vinci

Olalah look I paint really well and I invent stuff and I am a gnagnagna genius…

Our apologies for this crack. It just had to come out.

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