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Top 15 actors who look forever young, how is it possible?

What’s ugly about life is that you always end up getting old. And getting old sucks. But some lucky little ones escape this rule. Among them, we found actors and actresses whose cells have clearly decided to regenerate themselves ad infinitum in order to guarantee their owner no aging. They are very lucky.

1. Paul Rudd

Of Friends today, the guy hasn’t aged a bit. I want to know her skincare routine.

2. Bianca Lawson

Well, in fact, she has completely rejuvenated in about twenty years. It allows him to play in all the series for teens, it’s practical.

3. Laetitia Casta

In Latin Laetitia means “joy” or “joy” and that’s exactly what I feel when I see this face that mocks the passage of time.

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Look at this little face, it doesn’t look like the guy has nearly 40 brooms (and when I say brooms, I mean years of life).

5. Daniel Dae Kim

Another space-time mystery of Lost that I don’t get it.

6. Will Smith

I’m willing to sell my entire Pokémon card collection for its BG genes.

7. Halle Berry

I give her an appointment in 20 more years to see if she has finally moved on or if she is from another planet.

8. Gerard Darmon

The problem with Darmon is that even if he doesn’t age physically, he ages badly.

9. Jared Leto

When he gets old we can say… JARED LETARD mdrrrrr (sorry)

10. Keira Knightley

Bravo Keira, we are all jealous of you but bravo.

11. Jamie Foxx

When he was 37, Jamie was 40, and now that he’s 54, he’s…well, still 40 actually.

12. Ryan Gosling

If I were a muscle I would be Ryan Gosling’s right hamstring.

13. Sophie Marceau

I no longer have the words. Not out of emotion, but I really have big gaps in vocabulary. I no longer have the words.

14. Idris Elba

The only thing he took was muscle.

15. Marion Cotillard

Well, of course, it’s easier to stay young when you’re rich. You know what to do now.

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