Top 14 Ways Animals See The World, See Life In Rose Like A Fish

Hello animal lovers. Have you always wondered how your dog or cat sees you? Do you find that your goldfish never really seem to recognize you? Does your rabbit bang against the walls and nibble your sofa? Well, this top will explain to you a little better how our favorite animals see the world and why we couldn’t last a day with the sight of a chameleon without puking. We have prepared some homemade images for you to see what it looks like, but we remind you that our graphic designers, just as talented as they are, are not scientists with super-sharp tools, it gives an idea of ​​the image compared to human vision just below.

1. Dogs

According to several studies dogs do not see yellow, red, orange hues but rather life in green and blue, hence their love for plants (I know nothing about dogs). Regarding the sharpness they see rather blurry very close which does not help to train them, but when it is further away it is much clearer, that’s why some breeds can see their master fooling around. over a mile and a half with no problem.

2. Cats

Cats would be unable to distinguish red because their retinas would only contain cones sensitive to green and blue. On the other hand, they have fairly detailed night vision thanks to the many rods present in their retinas and if complete darkness does not allow them to see, a very small source of light will be sufficient for them to hunt flies up to six o’clock in the morning. morning by making a big mess of it in your living room.

3. Goldfish

Goldfish can see many more colors than we can thanks to ultraviolet vision which also allows them to locate themselves underwater. Like most other fish, they have very good distance vision of shapes and contrasts. Basically they see you, and they judge you.

4. Birds

Well, it’s a little broad to say “the birds” knowing that a golden eagle will not have the same vision as a sparrow, but in general they can see more colors (or rather several variations) than the humans. Their vision is different depending on the position of their eyes and their shapes, but a priori the canary would be one of the only ones to see the color green, for example. And crows are super stylish animals too, nothing to do with their vision, just I like it.

5. Rabbits

Rabbits can’t see the color red either, so don’t try to wear it to impress them and gain their respect. On the other hand, their field of vision is much wider than that of humans because their eyes are lateral (like a pack of prey to see predators coming). The vision of rabbits has another rather special aspect, they have a grainy vision, like on an old photo, that’s why they like to eat pellets (no, that’s bullshit).

6. Snakes

Most snakes do not have very elaborate daylight vision, but see much better in the dark. Some species also have infrared vision which almost allows them to see heat sources and therefore potential prey as with thermal goggles (in Predator mode). Sacred creatures, noble, indomitable but also ruthless with mice.

7. Chameleons

If we call them that, it’s above all because they have the same vision as junkies: they see a lot of colors but with little contrast, and the shape of their cornea partly distorts the image they’re looking at. . Their vision covers a wide field and they have only one blind spot right behind their head, that’s where you need to position yourself during a fight to the death against these relentless creatures.

8. Spiders

If most species have eight eyes, they seem to find their way around with their paws more than with them because they have as sharp a view as someone drunk: rather weak and blurred, even if some species would be sensitive to specific colors. who could also have a role in their search for a reproductive partner.

9. Parrots

If their color allows them to see each other, it is quite logical that these magnificent little critters can see a large number of them: blue, red, orange, green, ultraviolet and all the mess. But as if that weren’t enough, they can focus with their eye super fast and have monocular vision: they can basically follow two things at the same time with each eye. Super heroes.

10. Bats

Forget the legends that bats are completely blind, they are quite able to see by day. Their echolocation system serves them mainly at night, but the rest of the time they have special vision. Many species do not see colors, however, but a few specimens see red very well, a color that many other animals such as cats and dogs are unable to perceive.

11. Scorpions (animals, not party members)

Some species of scorpions can have up to six pairs of eyes in all (two in front and five on the sides), however like spiders they struggle a bit to see colors. Instead their vision allows them to see movement and lighting differences between light and dark. It’s not crazy but they have clamps, so it evens out.

12. Mantis Shrimp

Surprisingly, mantis shrimp are among the creatures with one of the most complex visions in the world since in addition to seeing ultraviolet rays they can actually see the polarization of light. If humans have three color photoreceptors, these shrimp have between 12 and 16, which allows them to find food in colored corals but also to see colors that you had not noticed on a sweater. Unequal.

13. The rats

Much like dogs, rats have blue and green vision, but with very low sharpness. However, they can see with each eye independently of the second, so they can watch a piece of cheese on the ground and a predator on a roof at the same time, which gives them a badass super power, in addition to climbing walls super fast .

14. Flies

The vision of the flies is extremely blurry, one could even say that it is pixelated, which may explain why they struggle to see that there is clearly a window against which they bump for twenty minutes before finding the exit. However, they have one of the fastest visual response speeds in the animal kingdom, which allows them to quickly escape when there is a predator.

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