Top 14 reasons to worship stand-up paddleboarding, this misunderstood sport

The world’s population is divided into two categories: people who do right-wing sports and people who do stand-up paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is a far too underrated sport that deserves to be given love and water to hydrate. So these are the main reasons why paddleboarding is THE sport to join at the start of the school year to have a body that can lift two fridges at the same time.

1. We can do it everywhere

On the sea, on a lake, in marshes, in a swimming pool, on an ice rink, on the roof of the town hall of Cholet… The paddle is practicable everywhere because it is a sport for handsome, there is no no debate.

2. It works 36,000 muscles

The arms, the abs, the quadri, the equilateral triangle… Which muscle does not work during a paddle session in fact? Beach volleyball is outdated, now the sport of the biggest bombs is paddle. It even seems that the stars who are good shots all do it. I say it like this…

3. You can take your paddle everywhere

Unlike surfboards or uneven bars, you can take a paddle everywhere with you in your bag because there are very practical inflatable paddles for riding any surface at any time.

4. It’s super relaxing

Isn’t it good there, sunbathing and letting the current carry you by just giving a little paddle from time to time while admiring beautiful landscapes? How cool. Driven by love.

5. You are less likely to paddle your neighbor than in a canoe

If you haven’t made a friend cry because you gave him a huge paddle trying to row, you haven’t really lived. This situation is statistically 1000 times less likely to happen on a paddle because already, you are more often solo on your board and no face is at paddle height. Finally normally.

6. There are lots of paddle sports

You can do yoga on a paddle, abs on a paddle, volleyball on a paddle, motocross on a paddle… Soon, we will be building mini-houses on a paddle to do everything on this little wonder, and life will be good.

7. You work a max your balance

Paddleboarding may be a liner in a lake, but there are always people who are bad enough at sports to fall like apples that are a little overripe. The paddle is therefore ideal for working on your sense of balance and becoming a slackline ace once you return to dry land.

8. It’s really fun to do with friends

First of all, you should know that there are giant paddles that can hold ten people on it, i.e. two basketball teams. But if you are more of a solo team, you can also take a paddle outing with your whole team and have fun pushing each other to the fleet. Best game I’ve ever played.

9. It’s a lot easier than surfing

Surfing is hard, surfing is expensive, surfing is an asshole sport, and surfing is the worst sport in the world. Unlike the paddle which is a wonderful invention. Go paddleboarding.

10. You can do a water sport without getting wet.

I already told you, but the paddle is as stable as an elephant in a puddle. So unless you’re drunk every time you step on it, there’s pretty little chance you’ll end up with water in the bottom of the panty. And if so, well know that it’s downright shame, hahaha, I’m pointing the finger at you.

11. You can take your dog with you

And believe me, your poti dog clearly wants to go paddleboarding more than having to take another walk with you. He told me.

12. You can access small OKLM secret coves without a boat

With this, you can practice nudism without worrying about the gaze of lifeguards and create giant holes without looking like an 8-year-old child who has grown up too quickly.

13. People who paddleboard are three times more likely to be rich and sexy by age 40.

This is a study by INSEE in January 2008 which says so after having studied the evolution of 12 paddelists in the natural environment for nearly 30 years. All the more reason to buy yourself a DI-RECT board.

14. Jesus loved it

And frankly, this guy was really cool in the old days, proof that paddle is the new sport to try this fall.

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