Top 14 Old People’s Phrases That Young People Are Tired Of Hearing, Stop It Right Now

The boomers are not our enemies. I repeat, boomers mean us no harm, they just want to be loved. Well on the other hand, it would be nice if they could stop with their little boomer comments and their derogatory remarks that no young person can bear anymore. It would facilitate the creation of links with other generations, let’s say. Come on, just for them, here is the little list of sentences that you REALLY must never say again, under penalty of being refused any treatment for heavy legs for the next ten years.

1. “So young people now, they’re always on their phone”

Yes indeed, it’s to look at the time and know how much I have left before I see your quickdraw.

2. “You’re young, you’re in good shape, you’re not tired all the time like me”

Try to do metro 4 – Quai de la gare Montparnasse in less than ten minutes, we’ll see if you’re still in good shape afterwards!

3. “Trust me, I have more experience than you and I can tell you that you are wrong”

Say that again and I’ll never come to troubleshoot your printer again.

4. “Ah yes, are you on TikTok? But do you do stupid dances too?”

No, I only post close-up selfie videos for everyone to admire my forehead. I am inspired by your Facebook posts. »

5. “These days, young people no longer want to work”

Another shot from Claire DEspagne and her 80 hours of work, this kind of sentence.

6. “Frankly, it’s not very well seen to leave your job before two years in a company”

Ah, because staying 50 years in a box without changing jobs is healthy perhaps??

7. “You’ll see when you’re old, you’ll agree with me”

Yes but anyway you will certainly no longer be in this world to see it so what the fuck can you do??

8. “If you had been raised in my time, it would have been something else.”

It’s true that I would certainly have received blows from the ruler on the fingers and learned that you must not cry if you want to be a real good man. I’m jealous in truth, it makes me dream a little I admit…

9. “When I was your age, I was already pregnant with my third child.”

There’s nothing to be proud of honestly, it’s not like you had too much choice.

10. “Video games make young people violent”

That’s right, the other time I hit a denizen of my Animal Crossing island with a butterfly net, it was gory.

11. “Well now, we can’t say anything anymore, you’re taking everything the wrong way”

Ah, because you don’t take it badly when people tell you that you’re a bit racist, sexist and homophobic????? Sorry, we believed.

12. “You have no reason to be unhappy/unhappy, you have everything you need!”

If you then tell me that all I have to do is go out and think about something else to get out of my depression, I’ll make a killing.

13. “Do you call that music?”

Go ahead, we’re not even going to answer, it’s just provocation, we can see clearly in your game in fact.

14. “You haven’t known war. No because if you had known war…..”

No, but I knew the university under the Covid and frankly, it was not the joy either my big.

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