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Top 14 Artworks That Prove Cats Have Always Been Badass

We had already told you about the cats who don’t give a damn about our gifts and there are countless good reasons not to have cats. However, we greatly appreciate this thread which shows us how everything was written from the beginning: many historical paintings show us in fact how much cats are originally bastards.

1. The clothes eater

Two young women wrapped in a Yukata after a bath (1796) Utamaro Kitagawa

2. The Brothel Maker

Mischief (1858), Newbold Hough Trotter.

3. The simple pleasures of life to make your masters suffer

Be witnesses of my deeds (1883) Joseph Bishop Pratt

4. Fucking up the sweat of the sweaty human work

La fille de Dainagon Yukinari a son bureau (1842) Utagawa Kuniyoshi

5. Lots of hate and violence in this little animal

The Angora Cat (1783) by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

6. Hell’s Paws

cat games, Henriette Ronner-Knip

7. Not only do they piss off humans, but they also piss off crawfish

Two young cats playing with a crayfish basketJulius Anton Adam.

8. Still So Vicious

A woman and two cats (1854) Utagawa Kuniyoshi

9. A great classic among the classics

The broken vase (1913) Ludwig Strimpl

10. This poor woman trying to knit a sweater

11. This cat who bravely protects this courtesan from her own mail

12. The typing cat encrusts it on your breakfast table

Still Life with Green Soup (1972), Fernando Botero

13. The title of the painting is particularly eloquent

My wife’s lovers (1891) Carl Kahler

14. Ok this cat hasn’t done anything but frankly doesn’t he have a bad face?

Pierre Bonnard he is nice but he is not so Bonnard in painting I tell you.

Yes, yes, I assure you

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