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Top 13 stars who are too strong in a sport, sneakers on the red carpet

Some people are full of talent, everything is successful for them and their feet don’t smell even when it’s raining. Some celebrities are lucky enough to be gifted in many areas, or have hidden talents. In a slightly more precise discipline, some stars have a not disgusting level in the field of sport and it is precisely about those that we are going to talk today.

1. Amy Adams wanted to be a ballerina

While she didn’t want to be an actress at all, Amy Adams wanted to become a ballerina and even a dance teacher. But life wanted it otherwise, she became super famous, extremely wealthy, extremely talented and rewarded but not in what she wanted. Damn life.

2. George Clooney wanted to be a baseball player

He knew how to play, but not well enough for the team of Cincinnati Reds who failed him in the last round of the selections. And at the same time, you can’t have everything George, like crazy roles, unlimited espresso coffee and gray suits.

3. Geena Davis could have participated in the Olympics in archery

Actress, producer, screenwriter were not enough for this resourceful woman who started archery before reaching 24th place out of 300 for the Sydney Olympics qualifications. Well, it was not selected but it’s really a good score.

4. Kurt Russel was a baseball player

Well that was when he was still young and dashing but he was playing in the official baseball league in a pretty low division. He even played in the independent league founded by his father and did not do too badly.

5. Emma Watson played field hockey

If we’ve never seen her play Quidditch like her bullshit pals Ron and Harry, she had a level of field hockey that would blow your whistle when she was in college.

6. Tom Hardy won a Ju-Jitsu tournament in England

One more reason to respect this unstoppable man: he just won the gold medal in a Ju-Jitsu tournament in England and did it just for fun. What a man.

7. Jason Statham was a diver

Not only did this actor become a star by chance but he also had another hidden talent, he was a diver in the English national diving team (not in a restaurant lol). Finally suddenly it was not necessarily a hidden talent if he was in the national team.

8. Uzo Aduba, extreme runner

Before being revealed in Orange is the new black the actress was also a standout athlete at Boston University as she nearly broke the college record. What a woman, she knows how to do everything.

9. Keanu Reeves was hot in ice hockey

And he didn’t only do it on weekends to mess around, he was a goalkeeper in his high school team and we called him “the wall” so impregnable was this genius. More proof that she is a beautiful person.

10. Steve Carell thought about making a career in hockey.

And to think that we would have missed his interpretation in The Office but also in a whole bunch of other stuff (including Foxcatcher where he is amazing) if he had pushed his hockey career. Luckily for us he didn’t break through in the NHL but he started acting.

11. Mahershala Ali was educated in basketball

The guy is handsome, a good actor, has an Oscar, wears suits very well, has mega-class and in addition he was good at sports. He had also planned everything since he had applied for a university in New York where there was an acting department after having done quite a few years of basketball. I think I love him.

12. Ellie Kemper was a field hockey queen.

Before playing Kimmy Schmidt in the eponymous series, the actress was also a queen of field hockey and I can tell you that you shouldn’t piss her off when she had a stick in her hands.

13. Jason Segel had a good level in basketball

At the same time the guy is over 8 meters tall, he was a basketball player during his studies but he also worked on the millau viaduct, he supported the bridge while waiting for the real beams to be brought back.

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