Top 13 of Vinted’s biggest dorks, episode 15

Hello my little sheets of card stock! So how do we like fashion, clothes, beauty and spending our money on clothes we don’t need? I know you by heart! Well, you’re absolutely right, because that love has led us all to the best app in the world, aka Vinted, the one that warms our hearts on a rainy Wednesday night in late October. In addition, we can count on very inspiring Vinties to brighten our souls every month. Hold on to your high-heeled sneakers, it’s going to shake up the dressing rooms.

1. Rather Big Wheel or Maxi Goal?

2. Not as good as a twenty, but hey…

3. Who tries nothing has nothing

4. Really want to buy this skirt

5. Piss or shade, hmmmm, we hesitate

6. Maybe a joint?

8. He bought a pair of glasses, right?

10. It’s not the mascot contest here

12. It works Evelyne Dhéliat

13. At least Primark doesn’t make kids cry

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