Top 12 times series have been saved by their fans

When fans have something in mind they usually make it known, and if you touch their favorite series they clearly won’t let it go. It has happened several times in history that fans have pressured a production to prevent the deletion of their favorite series and that it works (even if it remains rare). Westworld and The OA fans know what to do.

1. Daredevil

A popular series on the Netflix platform, it became a big mess when Disney bought the rights to the hero in red leather. But fans lobbied for Charlie Cox to return with his costume and it’s finally on the show Hawkeye that we understood that it was going to be done by seeing the excellent Vincent D’Onofrio land in the role of Fisk and later Charlie Cox himself in Spiderman No Way Home.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Before having its real conclusion, the comedy series on the worst police station in New York had been deprogrammed by Fox after five seasons. Except that it was not really to the taste of the fans who resolutely decided to let it be known and thanks to their involvement the series was entitled to three new seasons to conclude, just that.

3. Community

The fate of Community went through a lot of complex stages, the departure of Donald Glover, the shitty atmosphere because of Chevy Chase and finally an abandonment of the channel after five seasons. Difficult for the famous series which played on the slogan “six seasons and a movie” but that’s precisely what happened thanks to Yahoo: a sixth season and a movie planned for 2023, all because Community had a good fan base.

4. Star Trek

The very first series Star Trek had definitely worked well but the NBC chain had nevertheless decided to cancel all that after two seasons, not yet aware that it had just created a product which was going to become cult. But even then fans didn’t hear it with that Klingon ear and bombarded chain headquarters with letters begging the producers to do a third season, and they won. The rest you know, there have been more series and films in the Star Trek universe than there are stars in the sky (not far from 400 at a glance).

5. Firefly

A little gem of SF that clearly built a fanbase quickly, the series was nevertheless canceled after a season that aired in a rush because the producers probably thought it wasn’t doing enough. But it was bad to know the truly passionate fans who pushed hard and skyrocketed DVD sales, convincing Universal to produce a conclusive film. Serenity.

6. Arrested Development

While it was stopped after a few very funny seasons, the series Arrested Development was abruptly stopped. The fans then sent a lot of letters but also fake bananas (in connection with the frosted banana stand in the series) to the headquarters of the channel and finally after many years a final season was made. Except it was a little late and a little disappointing.

7. Sense8

We have heard about it for months, the frustration of the spectators of Sense8 during the cancellation of this series caused a stir. So much so that Netflix, which is generally intractable, decided to produce a kind of last episode / film to close it all. Impossible to tell you if it was good, I didn’t last three episodes to see people talking to each other without being in the same place and doing karate and orgies.

8. Les Griffins

While the animated series was rather famous and still met with significant success, it was stopped by the channel. And for three years nothing. Nothing more except sales of DVDs and huge derivative products which clearly made the producers think who finally agreed to spin the dough to resume the series.

9. Futurama

After 4 fabulous first seasons, the animated series was simply canceled by Fox, leaving its producer David X Cohen very disgusted. But convinced that a sequel could work thanks to DVD sales and the example set by Les Griffins he managed to get the film produced Bender’s Big Score which sold more than satisfactorily, convincing Fox to finally dig up the series.

10. Deadwood

Years after being canceled after three seasons by HBO, fans continued to shout their displeasure, even going so far as to demonstrate en masse in front of the chain’s offices. And all those years of waiting finally had an impact as a conclusive film was produced almost ten years after the series ended. It’s long, but it was worth the wait.

11. Lucifer

When Fox decided to stop production of the Lucifer series after five seasons, it really pissed off a lot of people, especially since the series had no really conclusive ending at all. And that’s when Netflix came along and decided to buy the product to make it a sixth season and attract fans by showing Tom Ellis’ butt, which obviously wasn’t a bad idea considering how it worked.

12. More beautiful life

No I’m kidding, they did indeed bury the series after so many years, sweeping away the fans’ hopes of being able to die before the end of their favorite series. Strongly the spin-off on Roland.

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