Top 12 things you should never say to your boyfriend or girlfriend, even in a stable relationship

Unfortunately, it often happens that the words go beyond the thought, we remain human and during a fight we are all capable of sending a well-felt little sentence that can hurt a lot. Internet users have wondered about Reddit of what were the sentences to never say to your partner and we found fairly accurate examples that we decided to mix with some of our own. A piece of advice, never use the following sentences in a confusion, it can hurt a lot.

1. “That’s why your dad/mom doesn’t love you”

Ouch. Much ouch. No kidding, even if it’s true never let go of such a missile, it’s the end of your relationship otherwise or at best you expose yourself to sleeping six months in the garage and nothing will ever be the same.

2. “It’s your brother/sister I wanted to catch anyway”

It’s even more of a phrase to say when you’re upset, it’s a break-up phrase. And a very violent one.

3. “When I got together with you it was definitely a bandage relationship”

How can you come up with something like that and look in the mirror afterwards? What a horrible person you are, it doesn’t surprise me that people are talking behind your back.

4. “You shit yourself during childbirth”

No. That’s way, way, way too low. Even if it’s true. There are things that should stay in the delivery room forever.

5. Telling your partner their worst flaw or something that disgusts you about them

There are limits which, once crossed, have no return. Telling your partner a defect or an aspect of his person that makes him complex reserves you a place in hell right there where it always stinks of the old cold fart.

6. “The cat/dog prefers me”

But are you completely ill? That’s probably the worst thing to say. No kidding. Worse than all the other sentences.

7. The secret you never told her

You farted his favorite vase years ago and he/she thinks it was the cat? Did you lose something he/she cared about without him/her realizing it? Take this to the grave. You hear me ?? TAKE THIS TO THE GRAVE.

8. “Sex was much better with my ex”

NOPE. NEVER. Believe me, there is nothing good waiting for you on this road. Shut up and compliment her calves (something I tend to do when I have nothing more to say. It doesn’t really work for sorting out trouble though).

9. Ask to read their diary / a notebook that the other writes

Playing with the border of the intimate and the personal is never good. You may know your partner intimately, but everyone has the right to their secret garden and it’s not cool to want to enter it without permission.

10. “What do you say to your shrink?”

If your partner is willing to share that with you then that’s fine, but it has to come from their side, not yours. Afterwards, if your partner agrees to talk to you about it, it’s cool, it will make at least one person who listens when he / she talks since we all know that shrinks play Candy Crush during each appointment.

11. The kind of porn we watch

He/she doesn’t need to know what excites you, especially if you go to certain rather specific categories, big disgusting bunch. Nobody. Keep it to yourself and don’t ask the other to show you their history, it’s personal personal.

12. If one of your family members or a friend of yours doesn’t like it

It can happen that someone close to you doesn’t like your partner, but it must remain completely secret. Already, it’s mean to swing that and it can only create big trouble. Unless you are really into toxic relationships, it’s not advisable.

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