Top 12 Things To Remember From Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 2

1. Chose promise, chose due

We told you there would be wind on the program, so here it is. For the first test, the candidates will have to build whatever they want on a suspended cloud, with a mechanical part that will be activated by the wind. Faced with a huge fan, everything will have to work and nothing breaks the figure. Rather stylish as a test, and what is certain is that in the place of the manufacturers, we would not be proud there.

Oooooooooh we are so happy

2. Camille and Morgane managed to make a mechanism

Not very technically savvy, the two mums were happy to have managed to activate their windmill. Well, after that, it’s just a mill. Nothing crazy. Not what to play Beyoncé either.

Rule number 1: never claim victory too soon

3. Aurélien and Lucas’ idea is great, but…

But we are downright freaking out. Making a house that crosses the cloud is really well thought out, but it smells like a big break when the fan is activated. We’ll see that in the reveal. At least they have an idea, unlike Rodolphe and Théo who take time to get started…

This green base, it smells like a big cat

4. Mickaël and Fabien do even better (and even more risky)

After throwing away their first idea, the two Bretons had a crazy idea: to imagine themselves creating rain. It’s too good, but even harder to build than Aurélien and Lucas’ project. If we add to that the mechanized giraffe of Caroline and Camille, we can say that she will be tense at the end of the event.

They are everywhere, the Bretons

5. What had to happen happened

Aurélien and Lucas’ house fell out of the cloud 30 minutes before the end of the race. We felt it coming as big as… A HOUSE. But everyone came to help the pair of colleagues, and that was super classy. You wouldn’t see that on every show.

The big cat

6. We couldn’t have said better than Eric Antoine

Eric Antoine at the sight of the work of Doudou and Doudoucette: “It’s cute and at the same time… it’s silly!” »

At the same time, with such nicknames, they had to tell us something very silly. We are not disappointed at all.

Doudou and Doudoucette, when they are not arguing, they are silly. A real couple.

7. Rodolphe and Théo smashed everything

Even if the idea of ​​the amusement park was not the most original, their mechanics were completely crazy, and everything worked as expected. It was honestly very stylish for something built in such a short time. They logically win the Brick of Death that Kills. On the other hand, it’s hot for Fabien & Mickaël, and Aurélien & Lucas, who missed the test a little.

It is deserved

8. Not bad this second test

After a highly technical test, the second is more story-oriented since the pairs will have to follow a 3-part scenario dictated at random by the Wheel of Destiny. And we like stories, so here we go.


9. Ouch Georg’s question that hurts

Georg to Marius and Thibaut: “Have you ever had girlfriends? »

Marius and Thibaut « … »

Nice George…

“Want to pick it up? Clearly stop the bricks guys…”

10. The Brickmasters quickly made the Bretons bend

Michael and Fabien: “This time we are not changing the plan”

Georg and Polina: “Your idea is not phew”

Michael and Fabien: “Okay, let’s change plans”

We can feel Fabien’s look of distress, take heart

11. Rodolphe and Théo have confidence

Georg : “There is a tie for the winners”

Roldolph and Theo: “So who will be tied with us? »

Georg : “The winners are Camille and Caroline, and Fabien and Mickaël”

So, Rodolphe and Théo, a little too sure of yourself? Well, we have to admit that we too thought they would be first, because this father/son duo is still very strong.

We remind you of rule number 1? NEVER declare victory too soon.

12. Goodbye Morgane and Camille

Camille and Morgane, technically weaker, logically left the competition, but they were not unworthy. It was also hot for Marius and Thibaut, our darlings, who weren’t very inspired in the second round, but we believe in them for the future.

Well done anyway moms!

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