Top 12 songs that have a hidden meaning, you won’t listen to the Macarena like before

This morning, we were hanging out on twitter to procastinate, as usual, because it’s Monday morning and we don’t want to jerk off, when suddenly, we came across this great thread de Waxx telling the fun facts behind popular songs. So that gave us a small idea (a big one, give back to Caesar what belongs to Waxx). So we completed this thread in our own way and here is almost excluded the top of the songs that you will never see the same again. Its fun.

1. MIA’s song Paper Planes is actually about immigration to the United States.

The first meaning that can be read in this (incredible) song from the 2000s is the story of drug dealers who tell their daily lives and who pick people’s pockets with their big guns. In fact, this title has a hidden meaning since MIA talks about the treatment of immigrants, often seen as criminals. In addition to being inspired by the September 11 attacks and the resulting treatment of immigrants in the United States, this song also tells the personal journey of the singer who fled the civil war in Sri Lanka to take refuge in the Kingdom. -United. Between us, who knew???

2. Mika’s Relax is actually about the London bombings of 2005

Yes, this catchy song invites you to relax, but not because life is a little stressful, no no, it’s more complicated than that. Mika speaks rather of the panic felt during the attacks in London on July 7, 2005, which inspired this title. If he already had the “Relax, take it easy” in mind after a trip to China, it was while leaving the metro after being evacuated following the explosions that he wrote this song. I admit, I didn’t have this very funny ref at all.

3. Lady Gaga’s Poker Face addresses bisexuality

Surpriiiiiiiise. Lady Gaga doesn’t admit she’s a great poker player at all in this song, even though she says “Keep your bank safe before I rob it, I promise, I promise, check my deck, cause I’m wonderful”. Obviously, if we spoke good English and not yogurt, we might have noticed it sooner, but the singer mainly evokes bisexuality in her song, especially when she “No, he can’t read my impassive face (She has me like nobody)”. There, we can’t be too wrong.

4. The Bestie Boys wrote Sabotage to give their sound engineer a big fuck.

These little guys are smart. To properly troll their sound engineer, Mario Caldato Jr, who always complained that the band took too long to write their music and got angry for anything and everything, the members of the Bestie Boys decided to dedicate music. Thus, in the biography The Beastie Boys Book, Ad Rock said: “I thought it would be fun to write a song about how Mario had a hold on us, how he tried to ruin everything. To sabotage our great works of art…”.

5. Every breath you take by The Police is not a love song at all

With sentences like “I dream at night, I look around me, but it’s you I can’t replace. I’m so cold and I’m waiting for your hug”, one could legitimately think that it was a love song, telling the grief of a man devastated by a breakup (yes, yes the big baby) . Sting later revealed that it was a song about a stalker, a man who is jealous and obsessed with controlling the woman he loves and bent on keeping an eye on her. And it’s true that when you hear “Every move you make, every decision you make, I’ll watch you, I’ll watch you”, it makes sense. Another beautiful popular song with toxic lyrics.

6. Hansen’s “Mmmbop” is about the passage of time

More than 20 years after the release of this title, we finally understood what it meant (finally the band explained it to us). In an interview for E! News magazine, they explained that Mmmbop meant, among other things, that you have to devote yourself to the important things: “MMMBop, as a word, represents time. It represents the fact that time passes very quickly. And in a story about reaching what’s important and heading towards the impossible dream, MMMBop tells you go now, go now, go now, because in a moment, in a MMMBop , life will be over and you will not have grasped it. Good luck getting this info out in the evening.

7. Val Halen’s Jump is about a guy who wanted to kill himself.

You will never see this OM anthem the same way again. This cult Van Halen title has several meanings, but according to singer David Lee Roth, the main one is that it refers to a news item seen on TV, telling the story of a man who was about to defenestrate. Others say this song is more about a stripper. But when we see that the lyrics, it’s still “Ah, you better jump too, jump!” Go ahead and jump, jump! I said jump! I’d better jump too! Go ahead and jump »we rather believe in the first version.

8. Los Del Rio’s La Macarena is about a girl who waits for her boyfriend to break off to fuck her best friends

HEYYYYYYY MACARENA, AH AH! That’s the last time you’ll hear it, at least in marriage, because really, it’s not just a song you can wave your arms to. It tells the story of a girl who is no longer in love with her boyfriend and who suddenly just waits for him to get away to do somersaults with his best friends. Yes, because she still says: “Now confess, what am I supposed to do? He was out of town and his two friends were sooo hot…”. Rather explicit indeed.

9. Léa from Louise Attaque would represent the singer’s cock

Ok, this theory is not ouuuuuf proven, because as explained Gaëtan Roussel on RTL2, Léa has several meanings: “it’s no one in particular, it’s the idea that she’s all or nothing at the same time, it can be just about everyone, a boy, a girl, whatever”. Maiiiiiis, it’s true that when we look at the lyrics, we say to ourselves that the idea of ​​Léa la bite is not so improbable as that: “Léa, she is Parisian, she is not presentable. She’s not pretty, she’s not ugly either. She’s not on the left, she’s not on the right. She’s not clumsy.”

10. Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks is about a boy who is about to kill

Made after the mass shooting at Columbine High School in the United States on September 14, 1999, which claimed the lives of 13 people, this song is clearly far too joyful for what it tells. It speaks indeed of a boy victim of school bullying who mounts a revenge against his comrades and who is about to commit a massacre in his school, armed with a pistol. It was perhaps a little easier to guess in English, but we didn’t see it coming.

11. Lemon Tree from Fools Garden has nothing to do with gardening

At first glance, we especially want to dance to this song in the evening with 50-year-olds during a karaoke. But when we look at the lyrics for the first time, we say to ourselves that the guy seems to be bored (and a little depressed) while waiting to find his girl. In fact, rumors have it that the singer wrote these lyrics after losing his fiancée in a car accident. Named Bénédicte Le Gall, this young Frenchwoman would indeed have lost her life by hitting a lemon tree. True or not, it immediately gives less desire to dance.

12. La Noyée by Gainsbourg is not really about a decomposing body

“You’re nothing more than a poor wreck, a dog that died over the water. But I remain your slave and dive into the stream. » These words may not mean anything to you, but they are those of the song La Noyée by Serge Gainsbourg which, at first glance, seems to be about a man who tries to catch up with the corpse of a drifting woman. . Yeah, that’s not the song you want to listen to on your birthday. But in fact, it’s more subtle than that. In this song, Gainsbourg actually talks about the difficulty he has in forgetting his ex and overcoming their relationship. Poor little piece, it’s not easy to love at the same time.

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