Top 12 people who send group messages without doing it on purpose, it’s a shame…

Recipient errors when sending a message are always very unpleasant at the time but very funny over time. Between the embarrassing parents who send their sexual desires on the family group and the colleagues who throw everything they think at their boss, there is plenty to laugh about.

1. Not cool for the neighbor…

2. When your colleague makes the wrong group conversation

Amy: Dad asks if you want tacos for dinner.

Tiff: Yes daddy

Amy: Ohh shit, bad band lol

Tiff: Amy I want tacos

Miriam: Give us tacos

Amy: No stop it’s mine, buy your own tacos

Tiff: You proposed, you have no right to withdraw

Miriam: What false hope

3. The guy who sends a message to all his crushes at the same time

“Wow girl you’re so beautiful. Wow it doesn’t ship separately. Bye. »

4. “It’s cool that my parents still love each other after 30 years but it would be better if my mom knew how to use group messages”

Mom: I love you even more

Dad: Infinitely

Mom: Besides, when you come home, you’re not allowed to unpack your suitcase until you’ve given me pleasure

Son/Daughter: I can see this conversation. I’m going to fuck myself up.

5. The embarrassing little mistake

– Hey, I guess this is not the message you were hoping for but my ex contacted me again this weekend and came to my job today, I decided to give him a chance again and therefore to go out with him to see what happens. I don’t really know what else to say.

– Send a group message to all the guys you talk to. Effective I imagine.

6. More parents warming up in the family group

Mom: Hey handsome, how are you feeling? Kisses

Father-in-law: Bad talk, kisses

Son/Daughter: Are you serious mom?

Mom: Oops haha, it could have been worse!

7. The worst thing your stepdad can say in the family group

Mother: a video of Aunt Deb doing Hula-hoop

Stepdad: I’d rather see you rodeo on my dick

Sister: Dad, it’s a group message

Stepson/stepdaughter: What the fuck is your problem man?

Father-in-law: Sorry everyone

8. Again and again troublesome parents

Dad: *sends photo with his friends*

Mother: What a pretty picture!

Father: We’re having a great time. I can’t wait to get home to fuck you honey!

Mother: Oh, I better get ready! I just need 30 minutes

Son/Daughter: It’s the family group…

9. A guy asks his colleagues to help a lady move her furniture one of them is a little too honest

The guy: Hey guys, there is a mother who needs help

Colleague 1: Yeah we can do that

Colleague 2: I think I preferred to put my dick in a blender but okay

The mother: For information, the mother in question is in this group

10. A meme sent to the family group by mistake can cause chaos

Screenshot: “- Where are you from? – Your mother’s vagina. – Oh that’s right, I just came. It is very beautiful at this time of year. »

Mother: What are you sending us here???

11. The tennis group that talks about ordering sportswear and it goes wrong

– Guys don’t forget to order your sportswear, the site closes tonight!


– Hey Rahul *pornhub link*

12. This person who takes a screen of the group conversation to make fun of one of the members… and sends it by mistake in the group conversation

– Do we really have to explain this to a student??

– Oh shit

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