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Top 12 of the very first TV appearances of presidential candidates

The 12 presidential candidates for 2022, OR the 12 faces we meet most often at the moment. On TV, in the front page of newspapers and magazines or on the Internet: you can’t miss them. If we no longer count their television appearances and we have forgotten half (or more), their first passage will remain etched in their memory forever. And in yours too, after reading this top.

1. Valérie Pécresse, visibly tipsy

At 1 minute 25, the look-alike of Miou Miou (yes, yes, I swear) appears with hair in shambles, glassy eyes and a fixed smile… The drink is good at the ENA.

2. Zemmour, on France Matin

Turquoise blue shirt, yellowish suit and goose-poo-green tie… Ouch ouch ouch my darling it doesn’t fit at all there… I’m sorry, but you’re not in the theme! I put 2.

3. Marine Le Pen, dad’s daughter

In the 80s, his face appeared several times in the public of the programs where his father was invited or in portraits of the politician. In 1993, she addressed the cameras for the first time on the France 3 channel. She was then 24 years old, and ran for the legislative elections in the 16th district of Paris.

4. Macron, Rothschild employee

The current president appeared much later than his opponents in this presidential race: we only discovered his face on TV in 2011. He then worked for Rothschild & Cie.

5. Melanchon, unrecognizable

The very first TV appearance of the presidential candidate FI dates back to 1981. We can see him for a few miniseconds on this INA archive, at 1min 14, applauding Claude Germon when he was elected deputy for Essone. His first televised speech dates back to 1987. No one would have told me it was him, I would not have picked it up, personally.

6. Dupont-Aignan, the art of making a good impression (but in fact not)

The very first video of this INA show. We are in November 1991, Dupont-Aignan is prefect of Île-de-France, and speaks for the first time on TV in front of the cameras of TF1. He advocates the “duty of assistance” for a family illegally installed on the site of the future National Library of France. Well, Pécresse flap it’s still more fun.

7. Hidalgo, Vocational Training Advisor

1998, I was barely born when the current mayor of Paris was already breaking through the screen. Finally, pierced … She was on TV to talk about something a little boring, using the words “self-interest”, “reform”, “links between employment and training” and “Nicole”.

8. Jadot, on the set of Michel Polac

From the 43rd second of the video. 1986, Yannick Jadot at 19, and appears on the set of Michel Polac, at the time of the mobilization against the Devaquet law. Alongside other students of his age, he appears bereaved by the death of Malik Ossekine under the blows of the police. Like what, there are fights that are much older than you think.

9. Lassalle, always mustachioed

1988, Jean Lassalle is mayor of Lourdios Ichère gives his point of view on the decentralization law of 1982. In 1990, we find him on the screen, speaking on the bear problem in the Pyrenees. Terroir is terroir !

10. Roussel, the provocateur

A raised fist and the sweet poem “And I piss you off” on a red background: this is the poster that made Roussel speak for the first time, when he was a candidate for the cantonal elections in Lille in 2004. He gives then his first television interview for 1 p.m. on France 2. A misunderstood poet, who speaks both French and English. Yes, yes, I swear. “Establish-sheu-mant-uh”.

11. Arthaud, and the eternal question of pensions

A teacher at the Camus high school in Rillieux-La-Pape, near Lyon, in 2003 she took part in the strike movement against the Fillon law on pensions. She was then 33 years old and rose up in front of the cameras of France 2.

12. Poutou, eternal defender of workers

In 2007, Poutou was CGT-Ford Deputy Secretary. In front of the cameras of France 3 Bordeaux, he worries about the possible elimination of 400 positions in the company. Time passes, and it does not change. We love you Philip. With or without long hair.

The first round of the election is in a few days! And to follow this boring thing in a much more fun way, our dear Quentin applies, every day, to group you the funniest tweets on the subject. Go and have a look, a way of laughing at everything, but especially at them!

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