Top 12 of the most sore things at the gym (we suffer in silence)

Going to the gym is to risk experiencing strong emotions, it’s breaking your body to build a new one, it’s going beyond your limits by crying for your mother to afterwards hydrate yourself in a calm and serene way. But it’s also about living together, and that’s when the room can become hell.

1. When you forget your headphones

Result, you have to hit the playlist of farted remixes from your room. Your hearing then loses 5/10th of its capacity.

2. When the room is packed with people

It’s called the month June, and clearly all those who come hoping to come out with a body of Greek god for the beach this summer, it’s too late.

3. When the machine you long for is taken

You feel ready, you’re hot potato, it’s going to work hard fiak, but the only hip thrust machine is booked for the whole month. There are only the Bulgarian squats lol go ciao.

4. When a guy yells way too loudly

Force on the last repetition ok it passes, it is respected. But on the other hand, yelling like a badly oiled door on each series and each exercise, it can become slightly annoying.

5. When the person hasn’t done anything on their machine for 5 minutes

Be careful, I’m not talking about a powerlifter but a person who opened his phone and never closed it again. In 10 minutes, she will do a series of 3 reps to justify her subscription.

6. When a guy puts his briefcase on one machine and his water bottle on another

Rest times are for the weak. If he could he would reserve all the machines in the room and chain them running. And if you have the nerve to take one of his machines, he’ll come and whisper to you, “Oh no, sorry, I’m using that too”.

7. When it looks really filthy

We see you the guys who come only to put down badly. Yes I say guys, because unfortunately it is mostly men who act this way. While the real ones do their session in their bubble and don’t care about others.

8. When a guy who sweats a lot doesn’t wipe his machine

In fact, it should always be cleaned. But hey, let’s say that if the guy doesn’t sweat and he put on a towel, it’s okay. The worst is the people who leave the equivalent of the Mediterranean sea on the seat and walk away as if nothing had happened.

9. When a guy decided to collect all possible dumbbells

He said to himself that he was going to empty the whole rack because he was too lazy to move away from his bench. Back.

10. When you struggle on weights that you usually get in easily

In real sessions like these where nothing goes, don’t force, do mobility exos, stretch, read manga and rest boss.

11. When the locker room is shielded and everything is sweaty

It is hot and humid. After you’ve dried off, you’re even warmer and you’re even wetter. And besides, you’re out of shower gel.

12. When it comes to judging newcomers

We all start somewhere, we all have a different approach and a different pace. A little kindness, one day we will meet at the top of Olympus.

And you, what makes you want to kill in the room?

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