Top 12 of the most disappointing packaging, unfailing disenchantment

Marketing people will tell you: it’s a world apart where a lot of people are often very ill-intentioned. The proof when you see the marketing tricks we have all been victims of or the gendered products that make fun of us. Sorry in advance for the too cute people who work there: the images that follow will not improve the image of marketing at all. I would even say that it makes you want to isolate yourself in the woods to eat moss and drink spring water.

1. Well, we’ll be able to charge with that

2. I’m not going to start sewing today

3. It makes you want to buy Easter chocolates

4. A new deodorant not so full

5. Gift for that niece you hate

6. Yum yum the good fake strawberry syrup

7. Prefer a 30% or 40% larger can?

8. I’ll stay with my dry friend if you allow me

11. The famous super glue scam

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