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Top 12 of the different types of people you meet in organic stores

Among the questions we ask ourselves about organic, there is this one: who are the people who really do all their shopping in organic stores? Do they really exist? Do they have enough strength in their little arms to push their shopping cart even if they only eat seeds? To answer all your questions, I went there to observe this population on its natural hunting ground. Here are my conclusions. To read the rest of my memoir on this subject, go to DM.

1. The 30-year-old bobo mother from the 11th arrondissement and her ultra-loose son

She comes to fill up on spinach pasta to truncate the vigilance of Gontran who refuses to eat vegetables. Her kid is screaming at the top of her lungs in all the shelves so to silence him, she tells him that “Mommy will end up not getting angry” and that he will be able to fully express his anger once they get home.

2. The daron who comes for the first time to look for something for his fireplace

It was her colleague Nathalie who gave her the tip, because her husband uses the same one. He walks the shelves with his hands in his pockets, looks at all the product labels to compare before taking the one that Nathalie had recommended.

3. The teacher who loves the planet and who is too lazy to meet parents of students at the local supermarket

We recognize her thanks to the many packets of cakes she buys for her snack at school.

4. The “nature” influencer who comes to stock up on cosmetics

She comes back every three weeks to buy empty containers to make her own deodorant, solid shampoo and white clay for her hair masks. Her beauty budget is more than your monthly paycheck.

5. The student who voted for Jadot in the first round of the presidential election

He buys, hiding a bit from other customers, tomatoes that are out of season and dried fruit in sachets that he will put in glass jars once he gets home to promote bulk. He never forgets his loyalty card to get 10% off Peruvian avocados.

6. The little retired granny who comes after her market

Since she retired, she has decided to be more careful about what she eats (and since she also gets a bit bored, she tries lots of recipes with new products that will please her vegetarian granddaughter when she will visit him). She breathes sighs of relief at the checkout, thinking of all the crowds she avoided at the supermarket.

7. The guy who wanted to cook something but has to buy tempeh and can’t find it anywhere else

The poor guy doesn’t even know what it looks like and wonders why he promised his Tinder date to cook him this dish which he apparently makes “at least once a week”.

8. The vegan who raids the tofu counter and asks the cashier if there will be any new flavors soon

He knows all the brands of plant milks and can recite in his head the ingredients that go into his favorite soy and wheat steaks. Vendors often ask him what he thought of the last fake-magus they received.

9. The girl who wants to clear her conscience by buying organic

The problem is that she can’t stand the slow pace of organic people, which makes her freak out when it’s checkout.

10. The babe who hasn’t used deodorant in 15 years

He is convinced that by rubbing his armpits with black radish, he does not sweat, but this is false. Everyone can see that this is wrong.

11. The girl who came home to see because you shouldn’t die stupid

Looking at the fruit and vegetable stand, she told herself that she would come back to buy hers here, cheaper and of better quality, and that she was finally going to take charge of herself. She never came back.

12. The guy who went to the wrong supermarket and is completely lost

“But when you say ‘toothpaste paste’, you mean ‘toothpaste’, huh? “.

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