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Top 12 of the coolest famous dads, those by whom we would like to be woken up in the morning

One day of big hanging out at Topito, a secret paper circulated in the box to determine by whom the employees would have liked to be raised as children. Big surprise, it is especially the guy who takes care of our payrolls who won the votes. Still, if we had the choice of our parent, it would be in our best interest to choose one of these funny dads, or even downright one of the star dads who are too cute with their children below. I tell you that like that, but if at Christmas, your own father refuses to offer you a duplex T4 in Juan-les-Pins, you now know where to turn.

1. Ryan Reynolds

There are plenty of reasons to love Ryan Reynolds with a deep and sincere love (notably for his jokes with Hugh Jackman and his perfect couple with Blake Lively). But what really made us want to have half of his DNA was his investment in being a dad to his three daughters James, Inez and Betty. You don’t even need a photo to illustrate my words, a simple tweet will suffice: “I teach my daughter that the sun goes down every night because it’s mad at her. I will probably soon write a book on parenthood. »

2. Dwayne Johnson

The Rock may be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but he becomes a little tub of ice cream when he is with his three daughters Simone, Jasmine Lia and Tiana. Did I cry over this photo of him giving his little one a manicure? Most likely. Would I like Dwayne Johnson to tuck me into bed every night? Surely.

3. John Legend

John Legend is not only a good singer with a great voice. He’s also a top quality dad who doesn’t hesitate to match his outfits with those of his son Miles Theodore and take his daughter Luna Simone to Disneyland for her birthday. But I also want him to take me to Disney actually.

4. Christopher Beaugrand

To see the 349 photos that post every day Christophe Beaugrand and his companion of their little Valentine on Instagram, we can, without getting too wet, say that they seem very happy to have welcomed this little piece. And that they form a beautiful family. On the other hand, you’ll have to stop making me cry, I don’t have a big reserve of tear fluid.

5. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa isn’t just a good guy, he’s also a dad who deserves ugly cartoons to put on the fridge and noodle necklaces. When we see him surfing, archery and climbing with his two children Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha and Lola Iolani, we want to cuddle up in his arms to watch Miraculous. It’s normal, it’s the side effects.

6. Ricky Martin

The singer does not have a, dos, tres, a pasito pa’lante Maria, but four children of whom he is a very big fan: Valentino, Matteo, Lucia and Renn. We also shed a little tear when Ricky Martin told in an interview that one of his sons had asked him if he came from his belly. It’s way too cute, stooooooop.

7. Jamie Dornan

Attached is a photo of the actor from 50 nuances de Grey, carefully disguised by his first two daughters Dulcie and Elva. No need for further explanation, his Insta account speaks for itself as to the parental quality of this person.

8. Neil Patrick Harris

The actor of How I met your mother and her boyfriend David Burtka are the parents of adorable twins, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, who seem to be living their best lives with their darlings (based on Galapagos vacations and bowling outings). Actually adopt me.

9. Kaaris

In fact, if you don’t believe me, just rewatch this incredible interview of Kaaris with Topito and you will understand. You too will want him to change your diapers afterwards.

10. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is the kind of dad who will sprain his ankle while running trying to teach his kids to skate. Jealousy moment: he even bought his three kids a Thor costume each. After me, my father is a teacher and lent me his giant yellow rulers, it’s at least just as stylish…

11. Barack Obama

If for 10 years, we had the impression that Barack Obama was the daron of all Americans, it is not a coincidence: in reality, he is a father hen with his two daughters Malia and Sasha. More perfect family, you die.

12. Teddy Riner

Contrary to what we see on the tatami mats, Teddy Riner is a big teddy bear in life and especially with his children Eden and Isis. Want to play with him at the dinette and have him fly me so that I can eat my mashed potatoes.

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