Top 12 of the biggest ad fails, what’s the message?

Advertising is not easy, easy, as you can see with the most scandalous ads of the 90s (an advertising period that we would clearly prefer to forget). That’s why when you don’t call on a professional, there’s an even greater risk of falling short of the mark. And surprise, that’s what happened to those well-meaning, but not so good at marketing people. Come on, to please them, we take them a pack of 12.

1. A tempting offer: “a pizza offered for any purchase of a house”

2. More subtle you die: “Wow, this man looks really happy with his meal ‘can be like him’ I’m so liking this naan Shahi and this butter chicken from Indian restaurant Rajshahi”

3. Effective: “Hi Oscar, it’s Tony, can you make me a flyer for our happy hour?” sure, no problem, send me the details “at 4$” what time does it start?” 3pm to 6pm monday to friday” and do it buddy!”

4. We didn’t quite understand the connection between the image and this ad for “Improve your level of English quickly and easily in 30 days with a personalized learning program”

5. The demon of my sleep paralysis: “Create beautiful wallpapers with artificial intelligence Wonder A!”

6. Too practical: “This super belt with an egg holder allows you to transport your eggs everywhere safely”

7. How to click easily: “Facebook does not have my permission to share my photos. Copy and paste this text in the comments if you agree.”

8. “Please buy a house with my help, I’m not made for Only Fans”

9. Beautiful cakes for children at the attractive price of $30

10. Ah okay: “More coke than your local dealer”

11. Weak point, too strong: “Did you know that I am the best real estate agent in all of Canada?* / *According to my mother. Only my mother participated in this survey”

12. Want to play hard: “The most realistic bowling game ever made”

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Via Bored Panda.

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