Top 12 of the best tweets on the Presidential 2022, episode 6

Hello friends, it’s again the top tweets of the presidential elections (it’s every day in fact, you have to follow guys). Between the blunders of Pécresse and the despicable outings of Zemmour in front of 8-year-old children, we thought we had had enough but the tweeters never stop. Get ready, we have enough to laugh and cry for the whole evening.

1. Everyone does what they want as long as they do what I want

2. She has way too much free time.

3. Why? Just like that

4. This fake smile from hell

6. The France of good food

7. We don’t have your time

8. After all, why not?

10. Little comics for fun

12. And talk about One Piece on Insta anyway!

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