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Top 12 movies where everyone dies at the end, as in life finally

Ok so watch out, it’s going to be a severe spoiler in this top, as the title suggests. If you haven’t seen these films, don’t read, and if you don’t care, well read, in any case, no channel can stop me from telling me badly about the end of these works where almost everyone passes the weapon on the left, a beautiful allegory of life if you ask me.

1. 300

It’s not to say but in the end there is only one left alive and still he wanted to stay to die heroically until Leonidas refuses him this right to go and spread their legend. There are therefore 299 Spartans who died during their short health walk, stat level is not huge and it does not make you want to entrust them with the kids for a week of summer camp.

2. Reservoir Dogs

As soon as the film started we already understand that several members of the team did not manage to survive the robbery, but the more the story advances the more we say to ourselves that it is badly embarked for the few survivors who in addition must find the mole in their team. I let you discover the finale if you have not yet seen this excellent film, but assume that at the end there are not enough people left to launch a raclette evening.

3. Glass

We follow the confrontation which promised to be epic between the three main characters of Unbreakable et Split, and yet it does not quite go as planned. And by “as expected” I mean it’s downright disappointing for a concept that could have been very cool. Anyway, the three enemies won’t be going on vacation this summer if you know what I mean, since they all die in a stupid way (like from a puddle).

4. The cabin in the woods

Even if at first glance it looks cliché and lame, I can tell you that The cabin in the woods is one of the best horror movies out there and definitely worth watching as it cleverly plays with the codes of the genre. That being said, since it’s a slasher you can imagine that in the end there aren’t enough people left to play a game of Onebut believe me the last fifteen minutes are definitely worth watching.

5. Rogue One

Probably one of the best Star Wars films ever made. Rogue One shows us the suicide mission of a team that goes to retrieve the Death Star blueprints and… And that’s it basically. It’s really a suicide mission for once since the team does not come out of it to be entitled to its dance party scene with Ewoks in a lush forest.

6. The Hateful Eight

It’s a Tarantino movie with lots of secrets in it but also betrayals, snow, long coats and very well written dialogues. However, at the end of the film, there are not many brave people left (nobody in reality), and this evening which could very well have happened has turned sour. It seems that Tarantino likes to kill his characters if you ask me.

7. Carrie

At the end of the film Carrie the young girl’s plan is not to invite all her classmates to a birthday party in the Laser Game of a suburban commercial area: she smashes all this little world without going there with the back of the spoon. Result of the races: there won’t be many people at the graduation ceremony that year.

8. Hamlet

“These violent pleasures have violent ends” wrote Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet, but its most explosive finale is probably that of Hamlet. And when Kenneth Branagh decided to direct the play in the 90s, he didn’t hold back. The film lasts almost four hours but he takes great care to show us a whole bunch of people dying while dwelling on their death because that’s also Shakespeare, people who die.

9. The Infiltrators

There were several very unexpected and significant deaths in this film, like really unexpected and significant. And until the last scene we think that one of the characters is going to come out of it like a big bastard and yet no, fate comes to correct all that and offer us a beautiful conclusion which assures us of one thing: there will be clearly never in a row (since everyone caned).

10. Don’t look up

Well then, it’s not even just the main characters but literally the whole planet that is totally violently dying since the Earth is exploding. And concerning the few billionaires who managed to get away before the explosion, it is not a bright future that awaits them but an equally violent death. A film that does not give a great mood after all.

11. Sunshine

There where Sunshine manages to surprise is when it gently slips into another genre in the middle of the film to become a very stressful thriller. But this mission that the characters are trying to carry out to reanimate the sun as much to tell you that few people will come back alive (kind of person in real life). If you haven’t seen it, it was kinda dumb to read this far, sorry for you.

12. The Others

The thing about The Others is that not everyone dies at the end: everyone died BEFORE the movie, and that’s what makes it so great. What movie.

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