Top 12 Moments We Agree With Boomers

Well, it must be said, boomers are big dorks most of the time: they refuse everything that is new with blows of ” it was better before “of “it’s not what it used to be” and of ” today’s youth… “ In short, they play the reactions that do not support novelty. Maiiis it must be admitted that, sometimes, these big dorks are perfectly right. We can at least give them that.

1. Buttons in cars are better than touchscreens

While you’re driving, it’s really annoying to have to scroll through 12 different screens to change a small climate control option. And dangerous. So yeah, the car is less beautiful when it’s full of buttons (like your skin), but who cares about having a nice dashboard?

2. Video games that require an internet connection when you’re not even playing online are hell

Now, even if you want to play FIFA against a friend on the same TV, so offline, you are forced to be connected and you are asked to wait for the end of the updates. What have we done to deserve this? (Apart from crushing ants for fun when we were 6 years old maybe.)

3. Why do you need a subscription for everything today? It was better when we had the software/music/movies

With streaming and subscription software like Photoshop, you no longer own anything. We went from owners to tenants. It is decay.

4. Movies on TV start too damn late

Before, movies started at 8:50 p.m. Today is at least 9:15 p.m. With pubs, we’re lucky if we manage to go to bed before midnight.

5. The music in commercials that is too loud compared to the movies

What happened to him in his childhood to the sound engineer of the TV so that he decides to burst our eardrums with his pubs for rotten banks? They stole his snack? Did we shit in his gym bag? If so, he doesn’t have to take revenge on us.

6. People who are on their phone when you talk to them

Are your friends’ Insta stories really more interesting than what I’m telling you?


The lack of CD player, we ended up accepting it, but if you continue to turn away everything that makes a computer practical, it will start to become boring. Remove the keyboard while you’re at it.

8. In the old days we bought the whole albums and read what was written inside before listening to it.

Now, we only listen to one song per artist without knowing who it is while the guys have composed their album so that we can savor it from A to Z. We have zero respect.

9. The bar music is too loud

In dance bars it’s ok, but in normal bars, what’s the fun of pushing the volume to the max? We’re supposed to get along a little bit if we want to chat, unless the goal is to keep our mouths shut and down some pints in silence?

10. Fast fashion is shit

Low-end clothing sites like Shein are an ecological disaster, and those who order new clothes every 2 weeks on them are either oblivious or, worse, puffs. Instead, buy quality clothes that will last over time and be produced more responsibly.

11. People who tell their whole life in stories suck

Already, we don’t give a fuck that you ate pasta shells last night or that you had insomnia last night, but, in addition, because of that, we have nothing more to tell each other. Situation:

“Hey, you’ll never guess where I went yesterday

_ Yes, you went to Carrefour, I saw your story »

_ Oh yes. »


12. Young people who listen to music on the loudspeaker in transport are big suckers.

I would personally like to see them rot in prison, but I understand that is a bit of an overreaction. This also applies to those who telephone as if they were alone. Bunch of bastards.

13. (bonus) Phones without a headphone jack

Well, on this one, there is debate. Personally, I like bluetooth headphones, so I don’t give a damn about them, but colleagues I like have notified me of their love for these good old wired headphones that don’t need to be recharged every week, and I understand them a little. The debate is therefore open, I let you continue it with friends or family for more fun.

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