Top 12 memories we all have with our Polly Pocket, the best game of the 90s

The studies are definitive, the children of the 90s are survivors, in particular because most of them escaped death despite swallowing Polly Pocket. This game, which is clearly the best in the world, has almost taken us to the afterlife a lot of times. And yet, what a good time we had with these little figurines the size of overused chalk. Ah, we were happy at the time… Huh… Time is still messed up…

1. When you accidentally swallowed one

There are people who swallow badly and others who end up with mini plastic dolls in their intestines. If today, kids are only entitled to big Polly Pockets, it is clearly because of our generation.

2. The immense joy of finding a box that you didn’t have at the flea market

Knowing that you had approximately 45 of them installed all over your room, it wasn’t the easiest mission of the century.

3. Receive the large format boxes at Christmas and feel like it was the best gift in the world

The tradition should clearly have been perpetuated, it would have saved me from spending crazy sums on a range of ceramic knives and badly cut ties as an adult.

4. When the Polly Pockets were a little old and they didn’t hold up anymore

It was kinda sad because they looked like they were either doing a karate salute or starting a limbo. But we loved them the same, the physical does not count when you carry so many people in your heart.

5. Proudly walking around with your box necklace and feeling like the most charismatic person on this planet.

If you weren’t spotted by a modeling agency at 10 on the street, it’s just because your Polly Pocket necklace would have attracted too much jealousy and we wanted to avoid this pressure on you. out of primary school. But that necklace was worth ruining your career.

6. Keeping his Polly Pocket alarm clock until he was 15 (because it was still super stylish)

Too bad it doesn’t sound alarm because I can tell you that otherwise it would still be part of my decoration, just like my Furries and my Tricky Bille.

7. Cry for joy when you see the lights go on in your house

Never seen a technology have so much value in my eyes. Thanks Edison for the works.

8. Spending more time putting the Polly Pocket in its slot than spinning it

When she turned while bent, it was like watching a weird gymnastics show. In fact I prefer not to remember this passage of my life, thank you.

9. Discover the plus size Polly Pocket and their plastic clothes (and still find it a bit nice)

Well, we lost the concept a bit but we’re not going to lie to each other, it was great to put on little step-kid jackets on her mini-Barbies. Yes, maybe I secretly dreamed of having so much style…

10. Chew said clothes daily and find the texture really nice

Schkouik schkouik.

11. Playing with his sister’s Polly Pockets as a guy and being afraid of being judged

What do you want, the world was not as open as today (and what do we regret? Not really).

12. Step on a forgotten Polly Pocket and scream to death

Legos are overpriced.

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