Top 12 Bullshit Tips for Beating Super Tough Video Game Bosses

Hello fellow gamers, today is an important day tinged with suffering since we’re going to address the subject of bosses, these enemies which for some have literally traumatized us so much they were complicated to beat. Yet for a small number of them there were completely hidden ways to bring them down, sometimes even ridiculous compared to the enemy in question and this is what we offer you to see today story to give you the opportunity to go smash them again crying with joy it’s so easy.

1. Metal Gear Solid 3 – The End

In the excellent and cult Metal Gear Solid 3 we had to face at a certain moment the famous “The End”, an old man who was hiding in the jungle and shooting at us from a distance with his fucking sniper rifle. A complicated and punishing fight but which could be resolved extremely easily: you had to save your game in the middle of the fight, wait 8 days and discover that the gentleman had died of old age. Clever, but the most hidden trick was linked to a bug that allowed this bastard to be sniped before even starting the fight, old man caught at his own game.

2. The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Kalle Demos

Here is a very well-received boss, Kalle Demos is a big plant that required a great sense of timing and precision to be beaten. But rather than spend time struggling on this bloody big carnivorous plant, there was a simple technique to kill it instantly: pour water on it. Yeah, if you poured water on this plant it exploded directly. A trick that was discovered nearly 14 years after the game was released.

3. Silent Hill – Incubus

Le boss final du premier Silent Hill had a nice little glitch: it was developed so that players could kill it regardless of their ammo stock. Understand by this that if you arrived in the room where he was without ammunition you could instantly win the fight by shooting “empty”. This technique also works on the last GOAT boss of horror games Silent Hill 2, one of the most traumatic video games in history.

4. Dark Souls – Iron Golem

Those familiar with the series Souls know that being able to easily win a boss fight is a luxury you can’t afford to pass up. In the fight against Iron Golem, you can summon Iron Tarkus to start smashing the opponent quietly in almost a minute and a half. Take the opportunity to appreciate the landscape and tell yourself that this trip, as tinged with suffering as it is, is still incredible.

5. Borderland 2 – Master Gee

Master Gee “the invincible” is tired of fighting, he’s really very dull, but there is a rather funny little technique to kill him without suffering too much: hide behind a big stone. Just wait for him to launch his acid attack on you and go hide, he will continue to spray himself with acid (because it is obviously his passion) until he dies. Well, the technique can take almost 40 minutes, it’s probably not the fastest but it works.

6. Just Cause 3 – The Helicopter

The final boss of this completely crazy action game was a bad military stashed in a super-armed helicopter. To beat him easily and avoid a long and tedious fight, it was simply necessary to have a plane delivered above him, which automatically fell on his face and made him explode. A second technique consisted in hooking it to a large stone with its grappling hook, it crashed instantaneously. Not glorious but once again it works.

7. Metal Gear Solid 3 – The Fear

Another boss of MGS 3, The Fear. This strange character threw poison darts at your mouth while running around in the jungle, only stopping to regain energy by eating things, someone perfectly balanced after all. Two solutions were possible to beat him easily: drop off poisoned food for him to eat and slowly die or pretend to be dead. All you had to do was take the “fake death pill” and wait for him to come and see your corpse, and then you could burn him with a torch until he died.

8. Elden Ring – The Fire Giant

If you don’t know this game go see things to know about Elden Ring, for the others I hope you hold on, we’re together. If you’ve beaten him, you probably remember the fire giant, that colossus who swings sledgehammers and waves of flame at you when you approach him. Well there is a really stupid technique to kill him (which may have been fixed by a patch when you read this). Just take him to a special place for him to fall and instantly lose all his life gauge. It’s not the most glorious fight considering it’s 30 meters tall and drops from a height comparable to a sidewalk relative to its size, but if you can do it, go for it.

9. All Final Fantasy X bosses – pay Yojimbo to do the job

As in most episodes of the Final Fantasy franchise, number 10 of the saga allowed the use of summons (characters who were called to fight alongside us). Among them was Yojimbo, a summon that we could pay to fight with us and that could (if paid well) use a devastating attack that killed any boss in one hit. It’s not a pretty game, but it’s a game nonetheless.

10. Star Wars KOTOR : Darth Malak

In the boss genre, good old Darth Malak is not the last, but you can take advantage of this one thanks to a small, not insignificant subtlety: you arrive in the arena before him. Which means that concretely it gives you a little time to prepare the ground and lay mines, all your mines. Once this little trap is in place, let this bastard come to you and go up in smoke in a visual spectacle worthy of a Jean-Michel Jarre concert.

11. Final Fantasy V – Azulmagia

If there’s anything to remember from the blue mages in Final Fantasy V is that they learn all the attacks you throw at them instantly to send them back to you in the face. Those who speak a little Spanish have guessed it quickly: Azulmagia can be translated as “blue magic”, which concretely means that this boss (well silly) is suffering from this strange syndrome. To get rid of it quickly, all you have to do is cast the “self-destruct” spell a few times for it to also cast it and commit suicide. Logic.

12. Fallout – The Master

If by playing the first Fallout you improved your character by boosting his intelligence, you probably have a way to beat the final boss without pulling out a weapon. This villain’s plan is to eradicate humans and let mutants take over the world, but if you’re smart enough and wear the right clothes, you can strike up a dialogue with him and point out that mutants unable to reproduce, his plan is doomed. What happens next? He understands that you are right and he bombs himself with a nuclear bomb. Congratulations, you have won by speaking, the most powerful of weapons.

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