Top 12 actors who are only known for one role, it stuck with them

Some artists are forever marked by one of their works, the one that remains and defines them in the eyes of the world; it’s cruel but that’s how it is, sorry. If certain writers, painters or musicians are convincing examples of this, we are going to concentrate here on the actors, because on the one hand it sells more and above all because I absolutely know nothing about painting, for a long time I thought that Van Gogh was a paint brand at Casto.

1. Mark Hamill – Star Wars

I see you hardcore fans coming and saying to me “but he does other stuff, he doubles as the Joker (very good by the way) in the cartoon Batman dark asshole”, to which I will answer of all d first please be polite, and secondly that for the vast majority of the whole world Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker and nothing else. Besides, the actor has suffered from this for a long time and it’s a bit sad (but he has plenty of money, it’s less sad).

2. Louise Fletcher – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

She was best known for this role of nurse Ratched (from which a Netflix series is inspired) for which she had also received an Oscar for best supporting role, well deserved so much she managed to become as detestable as we can be. But the rest of the career was rather discreet and we especially remembered that, which is already not bad huh.

3. Edward Furlong – Terminator 2

Yes I know he also starred in American History X but we are not going to lie to each other, Edward Norton clearly steals the show. The role that will forever remain behind Edward Furlong’s face is that of John Connor in Terminator 2 and early notoriety hasn’t been very cool for the actor who has gone through quite a few complicated ordeals.

4. Kathy Bates – Misery

We were telling you about this dear Katy with other actors who play a role too well, so much so that we never gave her other important roles because she had put everyone under stress. She won the Oscar for the role and it’s probably because everyone was freaking out about her and didn’t want to frustrate her lest she screw them up, at least that’s my interpretation.

5. Hayden Christensen – Star Wars 2 et 3

We were talking about Mark Hamill a little higher, but Hayden Chistensen also suffered from his role as Anakin Skywalker since he clearly did nothing else (I decide in my soul and conscience not to talk about the film ” Jumper”, it is still too early). He also reprized his role in the Disney series centered on Obi Wan, but apart from that he doesn’t often leave his house. Another film that destroyed an actor’s career, just as the first episode had sacrificed the childhood of Jake Lloyd who also played Anakin.

6. Linda Blair – The Exorcist

It wasn’t for lack of trying to play in a lot of stuff, because she made films of it in her career, but you have to resolve the obvious: her third role on screen (which is also her first real role) was the peak of his career. It’s sad, but it marks people a possessed child who vomits in every corner, inevitably they have less desire to see her in other things afterwards.

7. Anthony Perkins – Psychose

The role stuck to the actor’s skin so much that he decided to take it back twice, including a third time in a film he directed himself. It must be said that his interpretation of Norman Bates has remained quite cult until today, and that this kind of role makes an impression and as the producers are nasty people they did not really give him a chance to do ‘other stuff.

8. Carrie Fisher – Star Wars

Yeah it’s starting to get a lot of people who played in Star Wars, but did you know that we are talking about a curse for the actors of the saga who were crushed by this success? Because apart from Harrison Ford we can’t talk about flourishing careers, and Carrie Fisher paid the price, so much so that she had written a rather cold letter to her alter ego Leia Organa, a little bitter to have lived in his shadow all his life.

9. Macaulay Culkin – Mom I Missed the Plane

It’s hard to take this role away from him and yet he also tried to play in other things. But Macaulay Culkin remains this kid that we saw smash burglars in a way a little too inventive and cruel for a psychologically stable ten-year-old kid in two films that have remained cult for some.

10. Jason Biggs – American Pie

Well obviously if I start talking about this kind of films we will have a shitload of actors who did not break through, the fact is that Jason Biggs seemed a little more promising than the others and had started to play quite different roles . But fifteen years later we have to face the facts, the image we keep of him is that of the guy who fucks a pie (I hope no one will say that at his funeral, otherwise it’s really sad).

11. Elijah Wood – The Lord of the Rings

Another one who’s done a few different things (some of them not bad by the way), but you show his face to ten people in the street and eight say “he’s the guy from Lord of the Rings”, one you responds “Who is it? Has he disappeared? and a last one slaps you and orders you to leave him alone because in the end it’s quite impolite to go and ask people questions in the street.

12. The entire Friends cast

There is a discord within the editorial staff of Topito and it can be summed up in one word: Friends. Many people love this series, and others (including me) find that it is clearly an overrated series. Anyway most of the cast of the series didn’t do much, in any case nothing really remarkable apart from Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox who broke through a little more than the others and still, nothing create a video club (especially because the concept of a video club doesn’t really work anymore).

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