Top 11 TV Guys Who Are Actually Assholes

We must always “beware of sleeping water” (and not “of sleeping bears”, even if the idea works too). In the series as in life (the real one), the good guys can sometimes be super disappointing. You’re there, you have faith in this person, you’re confident, and suddenly, VLAN. Big movement of egocentric asshole that breaks your little heart into a thousand pieces and reminds you that life is a female dog. No, we are not negative. We just say aloud what everyone thinks quietly, in fact.

1. Jim dans the Office

Awwww too romantic the guy who buys a house for his wife, right? NO ACTUALLY. This big asshole does nothing but choose on his own the house they will live in, while hey, it’s still a bit of a commitment to buy a house, isn’t it?? Are you not convinced ? Need I remind you that he also accepts a job in Philadelphia without telling Pam, to whom he leaves the pleasure of managing the small solo family when he is there. And the guy still manages to make her feel guilty because she didn’t manage to film their daughter’s show for him? I swear, it’s a real rot.

2. Ted Mosby dans How I Met Your Mother

Already, the guy is ultra negative. He groans all the time, constantly whines about his own fate, focuses so much on his own little misfortunes that he doesn’t even see those of his friends. For him, everything is always black and the glass always half empty. Tiresome. And that’s not all (SPOILER ALERT!!!!), he literally spends 9 seasons talking to us about his wife and blah-blah-blah to, in the end, introduce her to us for 3 minutes and tell us that she is dead. GREAT ATMOSPHERE. Maybe we could have started with that to save ourselves, actually. In short, all this to relocate with Robin when clearly, this couple is ultra toxic. In short, I stop where I will massacre my keyboard. This character stinks of seum.

3. Ross dans Friends

Where to start ? On the scale of toxic guys, he is clearly 1st. 12/10 in machismo. Remember when he fired a babysitter because a heterosexual man couldn’t do that job voluntarily? When he accuses her of “crying too much”? Then with the girls… He fucks a student while he’s a teacher, cheats on Rachel when they’re on break, then prevents her from accepting her dream job in Paris, on the pretext that he “loves” her. . When you love, you want the best, and how can I tell you, Ross, that the best really isn’t you. It is said.

4. Rachel in Friends

Yeah because we’re talking about Ross, but Rachel isn’t the nicest, most caring person either, huh. Hi girl who’s screwing up Ross and Emily’s wedding by bringing her ass back to London. What could be more selfish than announcing your pregnancy in the middle of your besta’s wedding? No but how are you? You don’t want to come dressed in white either?

5. Mike dans Stranger Thing

The very nice little boy, too mims, who takes Eleven in and takes care of making her discover the world. Mooooh. How cool. Let’s not forget that he quickly becomes very possessive with her, and that he ghosts his best friend while poor Will has had some traumatic experiences. Well mims, finally.

6. Howard dans Big Bang Theory

Howard Wolowitz is presented as a “great romantic”. LOL. He’s just a guy completely obsessed with women and sex. Even Penny calls him “disgusting”. He presents himself as a great seducer, while he’s just a big, clumsy, on the verge of a disgusting pervert, who never hesitates to make big ass jokes in front of the girls. Creep.

7. Dawson in the eponymous series

Aka the guy who pretends for 800 episodes (yes, it’s a long time) not to understand that his best friend is madly in love with him, when it’s obvious. On the other hand, this big asshole does not hesitate to offer him to sleep in a spoon every night while watching AND GO FOR IT. GIVE HER FALSE HOPES. CALM. IT’S COOL. (Besides, the guy is clearly not crazy. A mediocre 4.5/10 while Joey is a real 5621544/10).

8. Otis giving Sex Education

We’re not going to lie to each other, Otis is endearing, but he still makes big stupid moves. Season 1, episode 5, he is supposed to accompany Eric to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch as a symbol of tradition for the latter’s birthday. Instead, he prefers to stay and do little investigations with Maeve, and leave poor Eric alone, without explanation. He breaks her heart and turns the evening he was looking forward to into a nightmare. My heart is in pieces just remembering the scene. Otis the selfish. It is said.

9. Daphne in Bridgerton

Is there really anything more horrible than raping your boyfriend to force him to have a child? I think it’s hard to do more trash.

10. Tom Scavo dans Desperate Housewives

At first, we love him with love. He’s the only nice husband in the whole neighborhood, and we drool over it pretty well. But he clearly fucks everything when he prevents his wife from resuming her career so that she can stay home to take care of the kids. He ends up abandoning her when she has cancer. A charming guy, in short.

11. Tokyo in La Casa de Papel

The nice heroine, presented as a tough person, a survivor whose life has been terrible, is just an ultra self-centered girl who doesn’t mind putting the lives of others in danger just for her little comfort. Badass nonetheless.

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