Top 11 super stupid neighbors who think they are in their right

You know that relations between neighbors are not always easy. You also know that the asshole neighbors are legion. You know some things say so. On the other hand, have you ever seen really stupid neighbors who think they are in their right when they are just completely turned on? Because there we found some very good ones. Things you wouldn’t like to have on the other side of your wall, or even in your neighborhood.

1. The neighbor who wants to control your shower schedule

“It bothers me that my neighbor takes a shower between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. I asked her to shower earlier and she didn’t obey me. It is very late and the noise of the shower prevents me from relaxing. What can I do ? »

2. He steals a package then wants to file a complaint

“I fell when I was running to escape my neighbor who was chasing me to collect his package. The fall occurred on his land. Can I win if I sue him for running after me and causing my downfall? »

3. Poor dogs who have a mistress completely turned on

“Dear ‘neighbor’ You only moved to this neighborhood a year ago, so I wanted to give you time to fix this problem on your own, but apparently you’re too inconsiderate to do so. Every day this week, when the weather is nice and the windows are open, you let your little child run free in your garden, having endless fun and laughter. It is very disturbing for my two dogs and my bird who sits next to the window and likes to watch in your garden. Maybe you could ask him to tone it down a bit, or at least limit his time outside to 15-20 minutes a day so my dogs can be outside without seeing him running. If this kind of behavior persists, I WILL CALL THE POLICE! »

4. He vol de nectar, a serious crime

“Can I sue my neighbor beekeeper? Every day I see my neighbour’s bees flying around my garden and stealing pollen or nectar from my flowers. Then the bees return to my neighbor and produce honey. My neighbor then harvests the honey and sells it for profit. I have never received more than a jar of honey in compensation and every day my neighbors the bees come by my house and steal my flowers. I was stung once when I was a kid, so I know how dangerous bees can be. From my perspective, this is equivalent to a dog walking into my yard to steal balls or tools and then giving them to its owner who then sells them for his profit. Do I have a legal reason to sue? What type of documents should I start collecting in order to prepare for a legal battle? What would be a fair settlement amount if my neighbor does not want to take this to court? Thanks for your help. »

5. Send this kid to jail please

“Can I call the police for my neighbours? They have a newborn who cries all the time. The baby is disturbing my sleep. Crying bothers me and annoys me. »

6. It’s HIS neighborhood

“My neighbor thinks watering his garden is more important than allowing others to use the sidewalk. He did it several times. »

7. Next step: arresting people for showering at home

“My aunt caught her teenage daughter watching her young neighbor as he took off his clothes in his own home. Does she have the right to call the police against him? »

8. It will end in front of the dog judge

“My neighbor’s dog fucked my dog ​​without his consent. Can I file a rape complaint against my neighbor’s dog? »

9. Kill a tree for 3 leaves to collect, a disproportionate hair

“My neighbor has a tree that drops leaves in my pool all summer. How can I kill the tree without my neighbor knowing? »

10. It’s okay they are comfortable neighbors

“My neighbors keep claiming they had a verbal agreement with the previous owner to use our pool and don’t want to hear it. How can I prevent them from using my pool without involving the police as we are not in a condominium? »

11. The neighbor who thought he could fly quietou

“Hi, neighbour! I saw that you had received my food! I hope she is doing well in your belly. I was really looking forward to this pasta. My delivery person made a mistake, but it would have been easy enough for me to walk out and see my order on your doorstep instead. Also, I know you have it because I have a camera that provides photos on delivery 🙂 Welcome »

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