Top 11 signs that you’re a bad parent, the person teachers hate more than anything

1. The teacher always has something very urgent to settle when you ask to speak to him or her.

Besides, you ask to speak to him almost every morning because it’s unacceptable that he/she doesn’t help little Timéo more in his learning of fractions.

2. When your child gets yelled at by the teacher, it’s always the teacher’s fault

Because everyone knows that Timéo is an A-MOUR, the cream of the crop for children under 10.

3. When you arrive at the gate, the teachers are whispering and laughing.

But in your mind, it’s just because they made a joke that only they understand, like what’s the worst for a music teacher? Give bad grades. Roh, excellent!

4. You have already asked if it wouldn’t be more interesting to start mental arithmetic than to learn to cut

Because according to your self-diagnosis, Victoire is HPI and she needs to be stimulated even if she is only in the first year of kindergarten.

5. At parent-teacher meetings, the teachers are always late for your appointment.

However, you made it clear that you would only give everyone 6 minutes and 30 seconds to praise Timéo’s qualities because then he loses concentration. Would they care less???

6. When you have a question to ask the teacher, you don’t hesitate to come say hello to him on Sunday afternoon at his place.

Once, you even managed to corner him in the frozen food section of the Super U. Since then, he has been on sick leave.

7. You don’t understand why the teacher doesn’t make the effort to speak English, that’s the only way children become bilingual

You at his age, you already spoke Spanish and ancient Greek. Honestly, young people these days!

8. Every year you insist your kid skips a grade.

Because every year, Victoire finds herself with the same silly hicks who don’t understand how a state economy works, frankly you didn’t pay for that!

9. When you offer to accompany the group for school outings, they finally don’t need anyone anymore

However, it would have given you great pleasure to explain to all the children how to distinguish ibex droppings from fox terrier droppings.

10. Your kid runs off to get as far away from you as possible when you take him to school because he knows you’re going to put him to shame.

The last time, Timéo even asked you to drop him off 500m from school because otherwise he was going to eat cold salad again at noon, because you criticized the “not very balanced” menu in front of the chefs.

11. The other parents of students avoid you at the end of the year fair

However, you made a great cake with organic vegetable yoghurt which you expressly requested cost 3€ a slice, because “It’s better than the other crap stuffed with sugars that gives you cavities”. They don’t want their kid to be healthy or what??

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