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Top 11 reasons to rejoice that Gérarld Darmanin remains minister, really great this new government

Youhouuuuuuu it’s party!!!!! The Government of Elisabeth Borne has just been announced, and you know what? Gérald Darmanin is reappointed as Minister of the Interior! News like this is something to celebrate. So we immediately take out a first-price cola soda, soft cookies, and we explain to you with more than moderate joy why we should be delighted with this news.

1. It will be good for Decathlon shares

The cops will continue to break down migrant tents, so Decathlon will be able to continue selling tents. The guy runs the business, he’s super nice.

2. Feminists will be able to continue to act

Without a good guy like Darmanin at the Ministry of the Interior, they would be pissed off…

3. That’s one less new name to learn

And fewer disgusting court cases to discover in the media.

4. The police will continue to improve in LBD shootings

Here we go again for even more training on moving targets claiming rights.

5. He’s a guy who says really cool stuff, we love it

You can find Darmanin’s best quotes in the dedicated top, but just for fun, we’ll tell you about the time he released “Ah, but you haven’t put on your stilettos? » to a reporter over lunch. This guy is too funny.

6. It allows us to better understand the new name of the party, “Renaissance”

Finally “rebirth” just means being born again, it doesn’t mean changing ministers.

7. After all he has done to improve relations between the police and the French, he deserves it

It is still thanks to him that today the police are throwing big “Hello, how are you? smiling in the street.

8. We will still be able to make a lot of money in commissions on the sale of this cushion

Come on, a Gérald Darmanin cushion, don’t you really like it? Be smart, we need to pay our wages…

9. He set the mood everywhere he went, we would have missed it too much

Like when he said to the journalist Apolline de Malherbe: “Calm down ma’am, it’s going to be fine” with a lot of benevolence, and without any hint of sexism. Oh dear, we hope to relive many moments like that.

10. The police will be able to continue to flourish in their profession

Because yes, for Darmanin, the high suicide rate among police officers is not due to their job, but to their personal life. He knows how to find the words to appease Gérald’s hearts.

11. We can continue to have fun hearing these kinds of sentences:

Best news of the day.

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