Top 11 reasons to never set foot on Vinted

One day a friend introduced me to Vinted. Since then I’ve lost all common sense, I even buy scrunchies on Vinted, it’s completely stupid. I saw this friend again. I told her about the tragedy of my life since the discovery of this infernal site and she answered me “I gave you the cancer of Vinted sorry”. That sums up the subject very well.

1. It’s fake green

Ah, that’s for sure, it’s nice to buy second-hand clothes, we don’t say. But the principle is above all to buy less or everything in the application encourages us to make compulsive purchases even more than before since the unbeatable prices necessarily encourage us to do good business. The best deal you will make is not to buy this moulax dress which will certainly not suit you.

In short, do not tell me that this stupid thing is green because it’s bullshit to the bottom of the panties.

2. When you FINALLY manage to sell something every 10,000 years, you use the direct tune to buy another thing on the platform

Because you’re fucked from the helmet. And that’s Vinted’s fault for wanting you to do this. I tell you, forget to make money on this site, it’s almost impossible.

3. We can no longer filter by city to promote hand-delivery

Before, you could choose to buy only clothes close to home and pick them up by hand to avoid unnecessary mailings. Now we can’t. We can’t even filter by country so you end up ordering clothes from Spain or Portugal. Question carbon footprint, it stinks of the beak.

4. It has become an app for old charos who spend their lives asking you for pictures of you in oualp

Among the different types of people found on Vinted, there are obviously guys who thought it was a dating app. Not surprising given the number of boulards per square meter taken in photos to highlight kardashian leggings, however this is not a reason not to ask them to clear.

5. Overall 95% of people on Vinted are crazy

Between those who negotiate to pay 20 cents less, those who sell disgusting stuff and all those who get drunk, we haven’t finished banging big boors on Vinted (as evidenced by our monthly meeting on this subject).

6. The vast majority of clothes are Shein

Buying second-hand shit isn’t necessarily better than buying new shit. I advise you to read this top in which I explain why Shein is the worst brand in the world.

7. There are “Vinties” the (hell of that name) who sometimes become sales pros.

In principle, so much the better for them, but if you think about it, it means that they took 1000, sometimes 2000 times the time to exchange with a buyer, to fold the garment, to put it in an envelope, to send it by post. Really I don’t get it, these people don’t work for a living? Not to mention that means they have over 2,000 clothes in their closet. At what moment ? Me when I see that a person has more than 100 clothes in his dressing room on Vinted I throw it away, it’s a sign that he has already sold his soul to the Lithuanians (yes because Vinted is a Lithuanian app, I specify it because otherwise the valve really makes no sense).

8. So now rather than inheriting clothes from your friends or your family, these raklos prefer to sell them at 2 bucks on Vinted

Wow, great atmosphere. And where is generosity? Tss.

9. Most of the clothes you buy don’t fit you.

And TINTIN to return them to the sender, that’s how you end up with three times more futals than before without having one that makes you a fiak worthy of the name.

10. People who take pictures of themselves as supermodels while wearing a Quechua backpack

You tire me.

11. Also because of people who hunt for things on Vinted and resell them afterwards for more money on the pretext that they have hunted

They are sure to burn in hell.

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