Top 11 Our Happy Days Cast Before/After Photos

Among all our cult childhood films, there is one that has always awakened heaps of memories in those who have already spent a summer in summer camp, and that is our happy days. Yes because Harry Potter or Jurassic Park in fact it does not speak of summer camp (I have checked carefully), whereas our happy days if. But that’s not the question, since today we’re going to talk above all about the casting of our happy days and see how well the actors have grown since 2006. Especially those who were little by the way.

1. Arthur Mazet (Guillaume)

Guillaume was the child who lacked self-confidence and asked lots of reluctant questions by placing “yes, maybe, well I don’t know…”. The actor who played him, Arthur Mazet, has had time to do some other really cool movies since, like Simon Werner has disappeared that I advise you with your eyes closed (even if I will reopen them to continue this top).

2. Ilona Bachelier (Charlotte)

Charlotte was the cute little curly brunette who always stuck to Jean-Paul Rouve. It was Ilona Bachelier who played her, and I might as well tell you that I fell in love about 12 times when I went to see what she looked like now.

3. Arthur De Donno (Steve)

Steve, AKA the camp BG, but a shy BG who sends his friends asking girls if they want to go out with him. He was played by Arthur De Donno, who we also saw in Simon Werner has disappeareda film which, I remind you, is good.

4. Cindy Colpaert (Camille)

After the BG, the BG of the camp which has become even more BG over time. On the other hand, career side in the cinema, it was short-lived and we never saw the name of “Cindy Colpaert” on posters.

5. Jérémy Denisty (Timothy)

Timothy, the most slap-headed, right-wing kid you’ve ever seen. His interpreter has changed a lot since then, but he still has a head for voting for Les Républicains.

6. Martin Jobert (Benoit)

The unbearable little kid who spends his time screaming and biting things, he was played by Martin Jobert, who we also saw in the excellent A ticket to space the same year. The last time we saw him, it was quickly done in an episode of Do not do this, do not do thatand nothing since.

7. Guillaume Cyr (Truman)

The awkward mono with a Quebec accent is played by Guillaume Cyr, himself a Quebecer (that’s good). Guillaume is still an actor, whether in the movies, on TV or on the boards (that means “in the theater”, he is not just standing on wooden boards).

8. Omar Sy (Joseph)

The coolest mono we would all have dreamed of having. I’m not redoing Omar Sy’s career for you, you all have it in mind a priori (the guy still played a bloody X-Men). On the other hand, I would like to know if he intends to age physically one day because there it is abused.

9. Marilou Berry (Nadine)

Well, Nadine’s role wasn’t crazy because we had put her in the “fat” box, but Marilou Berry has had the opportunity to do better since, like Josephine or the adaptation of This Is Us in French, I promise you. Ah well no it’s always stuff about weight. Thin.

10. Josephine de Meaux (Caroline)

We all remember the character of Caroline, a little unsuited to life in society and capable of shouting at kids when she cracks. Joséphine de Meaux, she shouts a little less in her other roles but continues to chain big films and series. I don’t worry about her. Like I worry a lot more about myself.

11. Jean-Paul Rouve (Vincent)

Big shot of old.

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