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Top 10 worst TikTok modes and challenges of 2022

In 2022 again, TikTok attracts the youngest! According to an American study, it has even become the favorite social network for 13-17 year olds. At the same time, it must be said that the platform is rich in content! There are as many tutorials as recipes, dances, sketches, or even… Challenges. Problem: the latter are not always funny. Sometimes they are even dangerous. So here is the worst of the worst of this year 2022, on TikTok. Do not reproduce (or ever again) this at home, thank you!

1. The trend of antidiabetics to lose weight

In mid-2022, Australian influencers praised, on TikTok, the “slimming virtues” of Ozempic (a drug against type 2 diabetes). Platform users rushed for treatment and simply created a shortage on the country-continent. In addition to being very stupid and very dangerous, it also deprived the real patients of their treatment. Good game.

“The shortage is significantly affecting people using the drug Ozempic for type 2 diabetes.”

Posted by NEON on Thursday, June 2, 2022

2. The “Imagine if” trend

Translate “Imagine if” (yeah, that’s not the most complex translation on Earth). Initially, it’s a somewhat banal challenge, in which users project themselves into everyday situations taken to the extreme. Ok, why not (translate “why not”, more difficult already)! The problem ? The misogynistic and dangerous teubés who hijacked the trend in “imagine if I realized my fantasies of violence against women”. An ode to feminicides that is difficult to bear, relayed by thousands of people. Scary.

3. Bolsonaro support dance

Do I really have to explain to you why making support for this far-right man a catchy trend is problematic? Should I also tell you why the support of idolized personality of young people (cc Neymar) can influence public opinion? Nope ? Perfect.

4. “Chicken NyQuil”

Keskecekeca? Bop, particularly brilliant (or rather, enlightened, hehe) people who decided to cook chicken in Nyquil syrup: a cough medicine. Is it dangerous? Obviously ! Why ? Well… Consuming meds with dinner is bad enough, but cooking the syrup is even worse! Cooking can increase its concentration and change its properties. In addition, the heat makes the product suitable for inhalation. Is shoving cough syrup in his lungs a good idea? No. NOPE. THINK.

5. Le “Blackout challenge”

When it’s also called the “fainting challenge”, we suspect that there is a socket in the soup (the real word is not “socket”, if you see where I mean ‘nir). The “goal” of this rotten challenge? Hold your breath until you faint. The risks ? Brain damage or even death. So. Do not do that.

6. And Labello Challenge

Surely one of the most serious trends of the year. The Labello challenge consisted of filming yourself putting a scissor in your lip balm, with each annoyance. Once the tube was finished, the challenge asked the person concerned to scarify themselves, or to commit suicide. Yes, unfortunately you read that correctly. Over the first three months of the year, emergency room visits by 15-24 year olds for attempted suicide increased by 27%. Don’t do these bullshit challenges. Adolescence is a pretty terrible age, and you can experience it badly. If so, it’s no shame. Talk it over. Contact psychiatric emergency numbers like 3114. Get closer to people you trust. But in any case, do not stay alone. We send you love and courage.

7. Le “healthy coke”

According to TikTok, it is possible to make “Healthy Coke” by mixing… Sparkling water and balsamic vinegar. Does it really work? No ! What an idea ! In addition to being particularly disgusting, it is also dangerous for health. Vinegar contains sulphites, which can cause stomach pain, severe migraine attacks and bladder pain. It’s already discouraging, but don’t move, it’s not over! Vinegar, which is particularly acidic, can cause dental erosion, itself the cause of oral infections and cavities. In short, we will not tell you that often, but stay on the Coke. It’s better.


8. The menstrual mask

As the title of this point indicates so well, a “menstrual mask”, these are women who spread their menstrual blood on their faces, to “do good for their skin”. Tremendous. The coolest thing is that in this way, if you have fungus, fungal infections, STIs or STDs, you will also spread them on your face. Happiness, softness, and clogged pores.

9. Le “sunscreen Contouring”

Basically, one fine morning, a girl said to herself “Hey, what if, in order not to have to do my contouring every morning, I voluntarily burn part of my face??? But too good! “. Hey presto, neither one nor two, she decided to put sunscreen only on part of her face, before going to be roasted in the sun. Peeled skin effect and skin cancer guaranteed!

10. The challenge of wired headphones

I’ve always wanted to cut off the ears of those who wore wireless headphones, but in the end… Maybe it’s not so bad, this story! In the first half of the year, young people set themselves a funny challenge: to go around their waist twice with a pair of wired headphones. Can’t see the problem? Headphones don’t take very long. This kind of challenge simply promotes extreme thinness, and can create problems, both for those who are too fat, and for those who are too thin.

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