Top 10 worst quotes from Giorgia Meloni, the future Prime Minister of Italy

You have surely seen it in the news: in Italy, this Sunday, September 25, the alliance of the rights came to power by obtaining a majority in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. Huge problem, this alliance is led by the far-right Fratelli d’Italia party, itself led by Giorgia Meloni, a fan of Mussolini, conservative and anti-immigration. Suffice to say that the lady is not in the lace and propagates “values” that we had sworn to no longer find in Europe at the end of the Second World War. To give you an idea, here is an anthology of the worst quotes from Giorgia Meloni, a person who would make the French far right look like altar boys (even if this is not the case, let’s not abuse it). Usually we do more in humor, but honestly there it makes us rather bader severe.

1. “I think Mussolini was a good politician. Everything he did, he did for Italy.”

Valuing a fascist dictator and portraying him as a good politician sets the tone.

2. “We will defend God, the fatherland and the family, make up your mind. We will fight against the Islamization of Europe, because we have no intention of becoming a Muslim continent”

The famous “Muslim continent”, a fantasy of the extreme right to make us believe that we are in a religious war.

3. “They want us to become parent 1, parent 2, LGBT parents, citizen X, codes. But we are not codes! We are people, we will defend our identity! I am Giorgia! I am a woman! I’m a mother! I’m Italian and I’m Christian, you’ll never take that away from me!”

Demonizing people who simply claim the right to be non-binary as horrible corrupters of morality is a much-loved sport on the far right.

4. “Fidel Castro is a dictator, he’s the one who denies civil rights, but he did so much good in Cuba, if it’s good for Castro why not good for Mussolini?’

And if it was good for neither of them in fact?

5. “I am not vaccinating my daughter because the vaccine is not a religion but a medicine. When you take a medicine, you evaluate the relationship between risk and benefit. The risk of dying for a boy between zero and 19 is the same as dying from lightning. The vaccine doesn’t stop the infection so I don’t vaccinate for others.”

Save others? No, he’s not interested.

6. “Yes to the natural family, no to the LGBT lobby! Yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology! Yes to the culture of life. No to the abyss of death.”

We go from “LGBT lobby” to “the abyss of death” in less than ten seconds. It’s crazy, we didn’t know they were so dangerous, LGBT people.

7. “The unstated but tragically obvious real purpose [de l’idéologie de genre] is the disappearance of woman and above all the end of motherhood.”

Ladies, tremble: according to Giorgia Meloni, you will soon be prevented from being wives and mothers.

8. About Mussolini: “He is a complex character, he needs to be historicized.”

We can translate that as “he wasn’t such a bad guy”, and that’s scary.

9. “I have a serene relationship with fascism. I consider it a chapter in our national history.”

Ah, that’s very reassuring.

10. “Better neither”

It’s an answer to the question “is it better to be gay or leftist?” asked during an interview in 2016.

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