Top 10 videos of stars who were way too cute when they were children, total cracking

How we had already made you a nice compilation of photos of stars when they were young and photos of teenage stars, we thought it would be nice, this time, to show you your favorite child celebrities on video. Because frankly, some are worth their weight in peanuts without added salt. Open your eyes wide (but above all remember to collect all the videos of you little one, you never know…).

1. Ryan Gosling dancing in 1992

When Séguéla said “If you don’t have a Rolex before you’re 50, you’ve wasted your life”, he was clearly mistaken, because he meant above all “If you haven’t seen the video of Ryan Gosling dance, you screwed up your life. I let you admire this nugget. Deep in the ears early in the morning.

2. Britney Spears à Star Reach

When she was 10 years old, the too mims Britney passed the Star Reach singing contest, the New American Star, but failed in the second round. And it’s a shame because she would have deserved to win as she was cute (and also because we all know her future career, but anyway). Good on the other hand, something should have been done for the outfit, but you can’t have everything.

3. Angèle at the Francofolies

At the age of 10, Angèle, much too cute, accompanies her father Marka on the stage of the Francofolies de Spa. We don’t hear much of her little singing voice, but surprisingly, we recognize her well when we listen.

4. Elijah Wood

Yes, the video is in English, but if you don’t want to keep Elijah Wood small when his parents go to the movies and watch TFou with him, then you have no heart. I bite his cheeks.

5. Justin Timberlake who sings country

No longer wonder why Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling made the Mickey Mouse Club together: because they were stage beasts. And this video, although very cute, is also a bit funny, we’ll admit it. Another Justin, another!

6. Ariana Grande singing the national anthem

Well, for the accuracy of the notes, we’ll come back. But singing the American national anthem before the Florida Panthers hockey game at 8 years old is still not too gross. Even without her long ponytail and her impeccable liner features, we recognize little Ariana there.

7. Taylor Swift who counts with her mom

Very very old file on Taylor, which we see as a baby explaining to his mother how to solve an equation with four unknowns. We would be unable to differentiate her from the other babies of the time, but the fact remains that she remains very cute in this video which made more than one math teacher shudder.

8. Lily Collins accompanying her father

Yes, in case you forgot, the star of Emily in Paris is none other than the daughter of singer Phil Collins. It is therefore quite natural that in 2000, she accompanied her daron to MusicCares, an American charity event. And frankly, even if she has changed a lot since then, we can say that she has remained faithful to her little face.

9. Selena Gomez who passes a casting

When she was only 11, little Selena passed the casting for a big Disney Channel audition. And it must be said that it’s quite cute to see her tell that after school, she likes to go out with her friends and that she dreams of being a singer and actress later. Want to give him lots of Playmobils for Christmas.

10. Hugo Decrypts who decrypts

We end with our favorite French star: Hugo Décrypte. For his 24th birthday, he offered us an incredible sequence: that of his mini-him at 11, presenting a fake TV news. Who hasn’t shed a tear in front of so much mimsitude? I repeat, who hasn’t blubbered his mother, with a heart full of love???

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