Top 10 vacation destinations and what they say about you

Travel says a lot about travelers. Especially the destinations actually. Tell me where you’re going and I’ll tell you who you are! So there are many exceptions but in the majority of cases, these analyses, resulting from intense research, tell the truth!

1. Le Canada

You have an adventurous spirit. You only dream of one thing: going to the far north, or at least “north”, with your plaid shirt, and discovering the vast wilderness of Canada before admiring the whales of the St. Lawrence. Unfortunately, very often, once you arrive there, you realize that it is really cold, that walking is tiring and that the whales are not there. Fallback solution: you take refuge in downtown Montreal and stuff yourself with maple syrup pancakes.

2. Ibiza

Nothing to polish museums and culture of this island formerly squatted by the hippies. All you are interested in is dancing, boozing and completely forgetting everyday life in an uninterrupted festive surge. The days are of course devoted to doing nothing on the beach to evacuate the excess alcohol accumulated during the night.

3. Greece

You are a nerd. You love getting lost in the middle of old stones and imagining what life was like for these glorious builders who, in their time, contributed to history with a capital H. In any case, that’s how you want us to consider you. But you may also just want to pose in front of the Acropolis to post photos on Instagram and get as many likes as the unscrupulous travel influencer that you are.

4. Australia

You are fearless! Nothing scares you! You want to walk in the Bush, under a crushing sun before taming the rollers of the most legendary beaches in the country. You are one of those people who say they want to avoid cities at all costs to reconnect with nature. And too bad if once you arrive, you rush to the emergency room at the first mosquito bite.

5. Paris

Because Paris is not quite France and France cannot be summed up in Paris anyway, lovers of our capital, who rush there at the slightest opportunity, are aesthetes. You like the luxury, the voluptuousness and the animation which punctuate the daily life of the Champs-Élysées, the Trocadéro, the Place Vendôme, Montmartre and all those places which have made the legend of Paris la belle. You love museums and culture, you adore the small bars of Saint-Germain and stroll like a cursed poet in the alleys of Père-Lachaise. You like Parisian nightlife and roof-top aperitifs.

6. Ireland

You like beer. Especially Guinness. Ireland allows you to fully assume your addiction to hops which there is consumed like tap water. Tired of the sidelong glances of customers in bars who find it unhealthy to see you chug down 10 pints in 2 hours, you seek the admiration of your peers in a country where raising your elbow is a national heritage. And you like Game of Thrones too.

7. Bali

You love nature and things that inspire zenitude. You do Pilates or at least yoga and you don’t watch TV anymore because it’s just an inexhaustible source of stupidity. You like to read self-help books (or claim to have read them) and you heal yourself with herbs. Bali, for you, is the promised land. Where your soul will finally be purified and rid of the pollution accumulated in the city.

8. Spain

You love culture and gastronomy and you like to walk the aisles of the great museums of Madrid as well as the streets where the Movida movement was once born, under the impulse of geniuses like Almodovar. You are a lover of life. But you also want to pay less for your gasoline while bringing a maximum of alcohol back to France.

9. The United States

You want to gorge yourself on a barbecue, try all the fast food that doesn’t exist in France, walk the endless roads in the heart of sublime landscapes while listening to loud music, shoot a shotgun at the signs and possibly lose a lot in Las Vegas. You love freedom and bald-headed eagles.

10. Mauritius

You are not looking to travel for culture or to discover new horizons. You, what you are looking for is turquoise water and fine sandy beaches. You could just go to the French Riviera but it still feels classier to shoot yourself in Mauritius.

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