Top 10 unfairly hated series characters, they were right

There are plenty of characters from the series that we hate and for most of them, it is well deserved; But there are exceptions. By re-watching certain series, I realized that there are characters with whom we were downright unfair: they did not deserve all this hatred and it is time to rectify these monumental errors.

1. Emily Waltham dans Friends

For a lot of fans, Emily is the worst character in Friends when if you think about it for 5 minutes, she really didn’t deserve all that hate poor thing. If your fiancé said his ex’s first name on your wedding day, wouldn’t you be a little reverent? On the contrary, I find that Emily was too nice, I would have slapped that face of Ross in her place.

2. Skyler White dans Breaking Bad

Skyler is probably the show character who has received the most hate for absolutely no reason. We must not forget that Walter is a huge asshole in this series and that Skyler does everything to protect him and keep him away from his career as a drug trafficker. So yes, she made us really uncomfortable in the scene where she sings “happy birthday” to her boss but other than that, she’s a pretty cool girl.

3. Patrice dans How I Met Your Mother

Patrice is Robin’s super nice co-worker who gets yelled at all the time. It is true that she is extremely annoying but until proven otherwise, it is not a fault to be adorable and attentive. The poor girl is humiliated throughout the series when she was only looking for Robin’s friendship, it’s downright sad and we should stop hating her.

4. Paul Young dans Desperate Housewives

Paul Young is one of the most famous villains of Desperate Housewives, the one who marked the memories. So yes, I know, he’s an assassin and he’s extremely creepy, but when you know his story, you feel a bit sorry (Martha Huber still pushed his wife to suicide). I’m not saying we should like Paul, far from it, but he’s still not on the level of real villains like Alejandro Perez, Dave Williams or George Williams.

5. Carl Grimes dans The Walking Dead

When we talk about The Walking Dead, we can’t help talking about Carl as an insufferable series child when he has never done anything wrong. He survived the zombie apocalypse for a very long time, assisted his father in his missions and even protected the other children who were often really unbearable. Carl is a good kid, rest his soul.

6. Vanessa Abrams dans Gossip Girl

Many characters from Gossip Girl were humiliated for free but Vanessa is surely the one who took the most. It’s the story of a middle-class girl who hadn’t asked for anything and who finds herself in the Upper East Side spotlight because she mixes with Manhattan’s gilded youth group. Fans hated Vanessa for anything and everything when she made only one mistake: hiding Nate’s letter to Jenny (an act she quickly regretted and confessed to Nate). Frankly, Vanessa is a golden girl and she deserves to be loved.

7. Lady Mary Crawley dans Downton Abbey

Lady Mary Crawley is one of our least favorite characters in Downton Abbey because she is cold, haughty and very contemptuous with her sister Edith. The thing is, Mary Crawley seems unsympathetic because she’s worried about her future but also about her family. Even if she doesn’t show her feelings, she would do anything to help her loved ones and proves it at several points in the series.

8. Susan Mayer dans Desperate Housewives

I have to admit, I hate Susan Mayer. I know that this hatred is undeserved because this woman is nothing but love for her neighbour, but I can’t help myself: her clumsiness and her simpering insuffer me. To calm this relentlessness on Susan Mayer, I propose a general ceasefire. From now on, we tolerate Susan without insulting her.

9. Jane Bingum (in paradise) dance Drop Dead Diva

As much as we love the body of Jane Bingum on Earth in which Deb Dobkins lives her little life, as much we hate the soul of Jane Bingum in paradise. Her little schemes to get back to Earth and ruin the life Deb is building have a way of annoying us to the core. While in real life, if you look twice, she just wants to get her body back which is occupied by a random girl who has nothing to do with her and who is doing an imp pretending to be for her. Well you have to have seen the series to fully understand what we’re saying, but if you’ve watched Drop Dead Divayou know what we are talking about.

10. Izzie Stevens dans Grey’s Anatomy

Izzie is one of the most hated characters in Grey’s Anatomy and it’s a bit unfair, he’s still one of the best doctors in the hospital and we wouldn’t have known Denny without her. Well I admit, I’ve never seen this series so I don’t really have an opinion on this girl, she could have died it would be the same.

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