Top 10 types of people who will mope if there is a revolution, we are waiting for the time of the purge

France is supposed to be a State of law where all citizens are equal before justice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way and it’s starting to get on the nerves of people who are doing their best to live, or even survive. So sometimes, we want to take up arms in the 1789 way to take the Bastille (but hey, it would be really less impressive now that it’s a stone column and not a prison). The first targets would necessarily be corrupt politicians, rotten law enforcement and the whole host of high-ranking criminals, but there are others, lurking in the shadows, who deserve to be reprimanded.

1. Controllers who are overzealous from 8 a.m.

No, but frankly, it makes you wonder if they don’t have an ounce of shame in their bodies when they hide in ambush behind the turnstiles of the metro to throw themselves on people who can’t afford to pay 800 bales per year for a Navigo pass.

2. People who resell concert tickets for three times as much

It’s understandable to want to make a little profit when you have to sell tickets for a concert you really wanted to go to. It becomes more problematic when the place goes from 30 balls to 150. These people deserve nothing but to suffer in hell.

3. Bourgeois neighbors who call the cops at the slightest noise

It is always the most bourgeois neighbors who are the most unbearable. They are the ones who get up on Sunday morning to go to the Manif pour Tous, who refuse the associations in the street while they are wearing Burberry and who come to piss you off every time you dare to put on music.

4. Parisians who rent maids rooms for €800

The owners of Parisian accommodation are very often puffs, the figures do not lie. They look for the little beast to recover the deposit, rent unsanitary things at indecent prices and care very little about human rights.

5. Business school students who talk about meritocracy

Oddly enough, it’s always the people who were born rich who say it’s much better to start with nothing and be truly deserving. They do not hesitate to say sentences like “when we want, we can” while finding it absolutely scandalous that underprivileged students receive scholarships and not them.

Picture credits: Topito

6. Tobacconists and restaurateurs who have a minimum for the blue card

We’ll end up in hell and we’ll make you pay for all that money you made us spend on lighters.

7. Customers who report people stealing diapers or canned goods

When you see people stealing basic necessities from the supermarket, the decent thing to do is: nothing at all. You’re there, you do your shopping quietly and it’s not the Crossroads of your darons that I know (and even so, it doesn’t change much) so look away.

8. People who charge more for the blablacar than the train

It is rarely for pleasure that we make the choice to pile up with five people in a car for 6 hours of awkward journey or we have to chat with strangers. If we choose the hassle of carpooling instead of the train, it’s because it’s supposed to be cheaper. Please make an effort.

9. Parents looking for babysitters paid 4 bucks an hour while living in the 16th

To stay rich, rich people have to be big claws and the best way is to exploit people without any remorse. That’s why you often find underpaid babysitting offers from the worst parents in the universe; these are the same people who offer to pay artists for visibility.

10. The driving school managers who make your life impossible

If you have ever spent a minimum wage to spend hours in front of a buggy projector and drive around in an industrial area, you must know this hatred of driving schools. One day they will pay.

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