Top 10 tips for visiting Rome properly

A weekend in Rome? Thanks to rather affordable flights, the Italian capital is easily accessible and lends itself perfectly to short stays. However, being well organized can avoid problems and allow you to truly optimize your trip. Here are some tips to make the most of it and savor all the flavors of the city of seven hills.

1. Opt for skip-the-line tickets

Rome is one of the most touristic cities in the world. Some sites like the Colosseum, or the Vatican, attract thousands of people a day. This is why it is strongly advised to book the visits beforehand, in order to be able to considerably reduce the waiting time and optimize your stay. Because basically, no one wants to spend three hours in a queue in the sun.

2. Buy an all-inclusive transport pass

It’s cheap and it’s convenient. In Rome, for now, there are only two metro lines. So you have to take the bus. Often. The all-inclusive ticket is available at automatic terminals, for example at Termini, the main metro and bus station. For example, the 3-day pass costs 17 € and yes it is rather profitable when you crisscross the city to and fro to try to see as many things as possible.

3. Don’t show up dressed anyhow in the Vatican

You might as well know it before being turned away after queuing for 3 hours (unless you have a skip-the-line ticket of course). In the Vatican therefore, correct dress is required. In churches or chapels, such as the Sistine Chapel, hats are prohibited. So yes, tap shoes and t-shirts are accepted, but you can forget about things that are too sexy or provocative.

4. Avoid overly touristy restaurants

Basically, it is recommended not to give in to the call of the restaurants that fold in the street and whose menus, displayed in 4 by 3 on the sidewalk, offer 350 dishes with faded photos in support. It is preferable to focus on small establishments a little set back which are often frequented by the Romans themselves. A guarantee of quality.

5. Rent a bike

Like almost everywhere now, in the big cities anyway, it is possible to rent bicycles and scooters in Rome. It turns out that Rome lends itself perfectly to this kind of means of transport. You can even have fun and pay for a Vespa ride. Might as well go all the way into the clichés, right? And then what are we already saying? Oh yes ! In Rome, do as the Romans.

6. Try to go the first Sunday of the month

It saves some money. Because yes, on the first Sunday of the month in Rome, many sites and other museums are free. The Colosseum and the Roman Forum for example. On the other hand, be careful, because it’s not because it’s free that it doesn’t sell tickets. Which implies that it is necessary to queue. But don’t worry because this waiting girl there, she is moving very quickly.

7. Do not hesitate to drink at the fountains

Rome is famous for its small fountains that dispense free drinking water. Rather than buying a plastic water bottle, feel free to fill a water bottle. On the other hand, do not drink the water from the Trevi fountain!

8. Provide good shoes

We forget tap dancing because in Rome, if you want to see as many places as possible, you have to walk. A lot. So might as well avoid blisters.

9. Choose hotels located on metro lines

A tip that allows you to start the day by reaching the city center as quickly as possible and then start your visit to Rome serenely. There are quite a few very nice and rather affordable small hotels at the end of the metro lines.

10. Bet everything on the tomato

In France, in the majority of cases, in restaurants, tomatoes are disgusting. They are barely red, hard, waterlogged and tasteless. In Italy, on the other hand, and therefore in Rome, tomatoes are often incredible. Suddenly, a simple tomato cheese pizza becomes a breathtaking culinary experience while an innocent bruscetta can totally revolutionize your perception of flavors.

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