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Top 10 Times Queen Elizabeth II Surprised Everyone, Stunning Woman

Our mother to all, Queen Elizabeth II, left us on September 8, 2022… And what a loss friends! You may not have known it because after all, she still lived across the Channel, but The Queen was a surprising woman who more than once amazed everyone with her actions. So here is a non-exhaustive list of his greatest feats. We will still miss her…

1. When she was a mechanic during the Second World War

Already, at the start of the Second World War, when she was only a princess, Elizabeth had asked her father George VI to join the war effort so as not to sit idly by. This is how she was able to join the women’s branch of the British Auxiliary Territorial Service. She took driving and vehicle maintenance courses there, which allowed her to get involved as a mechanic and ambulance driver. And she finally graduated as a mechanic in April 1945. Yeah, the chick can change an easy peasy tire.

2. When she hid in a bush to avoid Nicolae Ceauescu and his wife

Like us when we are a little lazy to meet an ex in the evening, the Queen also had heads of state to whom she did not want to say hello too much. And we understand it. That’s how once, when she received the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife at Buckingham Palace for a few days, she hid in a bush while walking her corgies to avoid having to talk to his “guests”. Yes, she apparently didn’t really want to give them shelter.

Credits photo : not credited

3. When she showed up at a stranger’s wedding in 2012

Like what, we can always hope for miracle guests at his wedding. In 2012, while attending a charity dinner, Queen Elizabeth saw a wedding taking place in the room right next to her, so she quietly decided to pop in to say hello. . What a very polite girl.

4. When she hit a bar because of a swarm of bees (and not her husband Philip’s troll)

When Philip died in 2021, a photo of the Queen laughing in front of her husband in a guard costume made the rounds on social media. Internet users saw the queen having fun after the good joke of Philip disguised as a palace guard. Except that was not the case at all! Elizabeth was actually laughing because a swarm of bees was spoiling a ceremony she was officiating at Windsor Castle. Yes, she has an easy laugh, little Lizzie!

5. When she freaked out Prince Abdullah while driving without a license

In 1998, when she received Prince Abdullah, who governed Saudi Arabia, Queen Elizabeth gave her the scare of her life (and played quite a political trick). After a lunch, the prince, who reigned over a country where women were not allowed to drive, had the “unpleasant surprise” to see Queen Elizabeth settling in at the wheel of the royal Land Rover. And when she gets behind the wheel, Elizabeth pulls out all the stops. She apparently pressed the mushroom well, so much so that Prince Abdullah asked her to slow down and concentrate on the road. Well then, we have the willies???

6. When she pretended to be a stranger to American tourists who hadn’t recognized her

Certainly one of the best anecdotes. While walking near her residence in Balmoral, Scotland, with her bodyguard, Elizabeth met American tourists who did not recognize her at all (so much so that they asked her where she lived and if she had ever crossed paths with the queen). The two tourists even asked him to take their picture. Ah, the Americans, they never disappoint us…

7. When she starred in a James Bond skit for the 2012 Olympics

The Queen was one hell of a prankster, and she let the world know it in 2012, when she performed in a skit alongside Daniel Craig for the opening of the London Olympics. In this video, we see Elizabeth II and James Bond “jumping” by parachute to arrive at the opening ceremony. Of course, she didn’t really jump because of her age, but we can still congratulate her on her acting skills.

8. When she survived an assassination attempt

In June 1981, while opening the Trooping the Color military parade on horseback, the Queen was shot six times by a 17-year-old man. Luckily, it was only blanks and the Queen was not injured either by the act or by her horse which had run away in a panic. After the incident, the Queen even continued to parade as if nothing had happened. A cold blood, you’re afraid. In total, the queen would have escaped death no less than six times. Outstanding.

9. When she married against her family’s wishes

Elizabeth and Philip’s love life hasn’t always been easy for those who have been married for over 70 years. Initially, the family of Elizabeth, and in particular George VI, was not thrilled by Philip who was not very rich and had known a rather eventful life. According to some biographies, Elizabeth’s mother even spoke out against this union. But the two lovebirds persevered and were finally able to get married in 1947. I have the teardrop, it makes you dream in fact.

Credits photo (CC BY 2.0) : Library and Archives Canada, e010949328 / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, e010949328

10. When she giggled after borrowing a guard’s sword to cut a cake

When you’re a queen, you have a lot of rights, including the right to steal a guard’s saber to cut a cake, because after all, why not. It’s all the funnier when she pisses off people who offer her a real knife when she just wants to have fun with her sword. Go Elizabeth, go!

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