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Top 10 things you probably didn’t know about Wednesday, Tim Burton’s series that blows everything up

It was one of the most awaited series of this end of the year: the first season of Wednesday (or Wednesday for bilinguals) was released on Netflix. It’s a rather successful series for teens with all kinds of creatures, weird dances and lots of black clothes. If you want to know more, we offer you some unusual info and hidden details about the series and its cast.

1. Filming in Romania lasted 8 months

The cast moved to Romania for the filming of the series because many exterior shots were necessary. Cantacuzino Castle was used to portray Nevermore Academy and approximately 70 different locations were filmed around the country. The actors had time to bond since they had to stay away from their loved ones the whole time.

2. The origin of Wednesday’s first name

The series picked up Addams Family creator Charles Addams’ explanation for the girl’s first name. Morticia therefore explains that the first name comes from a nursery rhyme where there is one child per day of the week and for Wednesday, it is “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” which can be translated as “Wednesday’s child is full of misfortune”. In the nursery rhyme, all the other days of the week are auspicious.

3. Characters always wear colorful clothes to make Wednesday stand out

Members of the Addams family always dress in black and white, it’s like that and not otherwise. So, for Wednesday to stand out from the other characters, they always have at least one colored item of clothing. Well, except the pilgrims.

4. Jenna Ortega learned the cello in two months.

To avoid looking like she was doing anything while playing the cello in the series, the actress decided to learn to play the instrument when she found out she had landed the role. Two months before the start of filming. In a short time, Jenna Ortega managed to learn how to act (well, more or less) so that the scenes are realistic.

5. Jenna Ortega auditioned for Wednesday in a horror movie costume.

During the auditions for WednesdayJenna Ortega was in the middle of filming the horror movie X which hit theaters recently. When Tim Burton called her in for a video interview, she didn’t have time to take off the makeup, so she chatted with him with fake blood everywhere and a big scar on her face. After all, it sticks to the character.

6. The phrase of Luis Guzmán sur Tim Burton

When Luis Guzmán learned that Tim Burton wanted to offer him a role, that of Gomez Addams, for his next series, he had a rather surprising reaction. He said in an interview that he answered “Tim who? The guy who made the Batman? “. It’s a bit reductive.

7. A sentence from Wednesday is a nod to a cult scene from the 1991 film

In episode 3 of the series, Wednesday says “I could eat Girl Scouts for breakfast” and this sentence is a nod to a cult scene from the film The Addams Family with Christina Ricci as Wednesday. We let you watch the video, it will be more meaningful.

8. Fred Armisen offered to shave his head for the show

Uncle Fetid is a key character in the Addams Family universe and he is obviously present in this adaptation. The actor, Fred Armisen, confided that he didn’t have to shave his head for the role but that he preferred to do so to make the character as believable as possible. He would have thought it a shame to only do things halfway.

9. There are references to Edgar Allen Poe in all episodes

The theme of the punt race in the lake is inspired by the poet Edgar Allen Poe who, in the series, was a student at Nevermore Academy. All the names of the boats and the teams are inspired by the work of the poet: The Well and the Pendulum, The Golden Beetle, The black Cat et The Barrique d’amontillado are the names of his short stories.

10. Gargoyles all have a hidden meaning

In an interview for Variety, the series’ production designer pointed to a hidden detail: the stone gargoyles in the schoolyard refer to the different categories of students. There are mermaids, vampires, werewolves and many others. He also said that these gargoyles were a valuable clue to guess the rest of the story…

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