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Top 10 things you need to do to be smarter, according to science

Have you ever been told that eating fish will make you smarter? Wow, that’s a big mistake. A good idea received on the food which has the hard tooth! Stop believing everything you’re told, and turn a little to science if you want to skyrocket your gray matter! Scientists give you a new study on intelligence every 4 mornings, so don’t tell me that you don’t know how to stop being the beta of the bunch!

1. Being rich

American researchers have tried to prove that the more flouz there is on the CB, the more gray matter there is in the shell! Bah you surprise me that I’m not very smart, bug. (Afterwards, in view of the criteria selected to conduct the study (level of study = intelligence, according to them) allow me to make a few reservations. Afterwards, these are only thoughts from a broke person, therefore certainly dumb as his feet. Don’t pay too much attention to it!)

Our social class would influence the amount of gray matter present in our brain and therefore our intelligence, a new American study tells us

Posted by NEON on Thursday, November 24, 2022

2. Be tall

Well okkkk, it’s complicated to “become” big if you’re not born that way. But hey, well… You had better choose your genes when you were still fetuses, in fact?! Still, according to several studies, height and intelligence are linked, and seem to rise together. Noooo, I won’t make a joke about the fact that size sometimes matters a bit, leave it to me! In addition, they may be smarter, the big ones, but they live in a world where nothing is thought of for them. I gladly leave them their 2.01 meters high!

3. Being left-handed

Ah well clearly, you have to want her place as a great genius of IQ, huh! As for adults, the life of left-handed people is a real nightmare! Frankly, for all the efforts they make to stay alive despite all the obstacles, we can leave them this status of intellectually superior beings. Either way, it’s science. It’s like that. Left-handed people are naturally smarter because, according to specialists, the right hemisphere of their brain (which comes into play in the mental representation of objects and space) is more developed than that of right-handed people. A very practical skill for science subjects!

4. Write like a foot

I don’t mean to be insulting, but that often goes hand in hand with writing with your left hand, right? Nope ? Ah… Time for me! According to science, the worse you write, the more you have in your brain! Attention, when we say write badly, we are not talking about spelling or grammar, huh! Simply calligraphy. Particularly ugly letters. According to scientists, this is explained as follows: those who write badly simply have a brain that works faster than their body. They think and analyze the information they receive quickly and prioritize it so quickly that the hand has no time to keep up. All the doctors in the world approve of this point.

5. Be humble

American researchers have established a link between modesty and intelligence. After conducting several surveys, they came to the following conclusion: the less modest are generally those who claim knowledge that they do not really master. Conversely, the most intellectually humble would show “social vigilance”, not considering any idea inferior to theirs, and thus leaving room for more reflection.

6. Hate people

You don’t like anyone? Do social interactions bore you deeply? When you meet someone in the street, do you do everything to never smile at them? Bravo, you are probably very smart. Particularly detestable, certainly, but very clever! (We can not have everything). In any case, these are the conclusions drawn by Sebastian Ocklenburg, expert in biopsychology, in a study for Psychology Today.

7. Play games on PC

And we said on PC, nothing else! Scientists conducted a (very very serious) study (it’s not true) to find out which of the Play, Xbox or PC players were the smartest of the bunch. After giving a questionnaire and an IQ test to a panel of gamers, the scientists concluded that PC gamers had a higher IQ than others. Alleeeeez, in the teeth! When we tell you that there’s nothing better on Earth than a good game of SIMS on PC!

8. Play sports instead of studying

A 2013 study concludes that athletes have more developed brain capacities than the average university student. The exercise confronted students and athletes with complex scenes, close to certain stages of daily life. Result: the professional athletes would have treated the visual scenes much better than the amateur athletes, who themselves reacted better than the students. Go, in your teeth the “gnagnagna the sportsmen, it is teubés! “. Stupid yourself, yeah!


9. Not knowing how to drive

Do the words “instructor”, “highway code”, and “driving school” give you cold sweats? Do you chain the failures to the permit? Still confused about how an insert channel works? WELL DONE ! You are a genius! According to this study, relayed by “The Independent”, people who miss the exam are often smarter than average. Good after, it’s still a study based on the level of diploma what … Maybe we will have to rethink the notion of “intelligence”, anyway.

10. Be the serving BG

NO BUT IT’S OK, YEAH? EASY, GUYS? DO WE NOT DISTURB YOU? NAN BUT GO AHEAD, YOU HAVE TO TAKE EVERYTHING FOR YOURSELF AND LEAVE NOTHING FOR OTHERS! Ahhh yeah, you may be ultra-intelligent atomic bombs, but in terms of sharing and equal opportunities, we’ll come back!


11. Bonus: don’t believe these bullshit studies

First sign of intelligence, according to my personal ranking.

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