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Top 10 things you can buy for the price of a 30m2 in Paris

Unsurprisingly: Paris is one of the French cities where real estate is far too expensive! On average, the price per square meter is €10,877. In certain districts such as St Germain des Prés, it even rises to €16,335/m². A small 30 m² apartment will therefore cost €326,310 on average, and up to €490,050 in certain districts. No, but can you imagine what you could afford with that???

1. An abandoned village in Spain

And more precisely, the village of Salto de Castro, in the province of Zamora (north-west Spain), sold ENTIRELY at the price of €260,000. Okkkkk there’s a lot in terms of renovation, but still… You bring your group of friends, you trade a little elbow grease for a nice little apartment in the building of their choice, you appoint yourself mayor , and you all live there, with friends, heading for the vida loca! So try to install your gang of friends in your Parisian apartment… I don’t give much for your friendship.

2. One (or two) building(s) of 500 m2 in Cantal

Looking through the real estate advertisements, a 500 m² hotel-restaurant building in the village of Faverolles, consisting of 5 hotel rooms with shower rooms, a reception room for 60 people, a terrace, a restaurateur’s kitchen , a cellar and a company apartment of 60 m² (in fact, plenty of space!) costs… 232,000 euros. For the price of a 30 m² in the 6th arrondissement, you can become the proud owner of two hotel restaurants in the pretty department of Cantal (and you can stuff yourself with this delicious cheese with your remaining 26,000 euros). Frankly, the choice is quickly made, right?

3. … And inevitably, a beautiful villa in Corrèze

With its average of €1,463/m² for a house, your €326,310 will allow you to acquire a charming cocoon of 223 m², or even… 334 m², if you were aiming for a 30 m² in the 6th arrondissement. Same budget for 10 times bigger. I leave you to meditate. For my part, be sure I am proud of it: I have the Corrèze in the catheter. Buy tablesaaaaaux and cows in photoooooos… GO, ALL TOGETHER!

4. 21 world tours

According Tourdumondiste’s studythe average budget for a trip around the world is €15,000 per person. (Obviously, if you decide to sleep only in 5 stars and eat gastro every other day, it can quickly cost much more). In any case, 21 tours of the same world, boarf… It’s getting a bit redundant, isn’t it?

5. An 11-hectare island in Scotland

A little above the average price of a 30m² in Paris, but well below a 30m² in the 6th arrondissement: to offer you the island of Pladda, you will have to pay 417,000€. I grant you, it’s a bit boring for last-minute shopping, that implies buying a boat (at least a rowboat) to get home, and neighborhood life is relatively calm. On the other hand, if you were looking to escape the bustling and noisy neighborhood of the capital, this place is for you!

6. … By the way, you can buy 815 fishing boats at Decathlon

If you don’t have enough money to buy the island yet, you can already invest in the boats that will allow you to get there. At €400 per boat, you can buy 815. Something to vary the pleasures, and change your vehicle every day, for 2 years, 2 months and around twenty days. What happiness!

7. 326 310 packets of pasta

(Assuming that a package costs around one euro). By following the recommended doses per person, one packet gives you five meals. According to my scholarly calculations, this will allow you to enjoy this wonderful delicacy morning, noon and night for 1,490 years. What more can you expect from life?

Picture credits: Topito

8. 32,663 month Spotify subscription

This amounts to 2,721 years of subscription. Enough to continue listening to your discovery playlist every week, for a long time.

9. …and 828 years of gym membership

For a room subscription, the average price in France is €32.82. For the price of a 30 m2 in Paris, you can afford 9,942 months of subscription. 828 years old. A pretty sum to become the most horny angel in all of paradise. I sign.

10. 32,631 umbrellas, so you never run out again

Since we lose it all the time, that’s about the number of umbrellas we buy in a lifetime. Roughly.

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