Top 10 things we’re not allowed to charge you

I’m sure we’ve all wondered, at least once, “Hey, is it legal to charge me for this??? “. Often the answer is “yes”. But beware, there are a few scenarios or not, it is not normal that you have to put your hand in the wallet. Don’t be fooled anymore and proudly brandish a text of law to silence the scammer and keep your fortune.

1. A glass of tap water in a bar or restaurant

For a long time, the law was a bit vague on this subject, which explains why some are still convinced that we can be charged for a glass of tap water. Well, think again! Since January 1, 2022, “Catering establishments and drinking establishments are required to indicate visibly on their menu or on a display space the possibility for consumers to request free drinking water. » (article 77 of law n° 2020-105 of February 10, 2020 relating to the fight against waste and the circular economy). Let’s goooo drink water until you drop actually!

2. … Or bread at the restaurant

Please note that this does not apply to establishments that do not provide table service, such as cafeterias. Apart from this exception, restaurants are obliged to provide free bread to customers who eat on site, in accordance with thearticle 4 of a decree dating back to June 8, 1967. Well a law of chopstick eaters, that!

3. Your work gear if you accidentally break it

Your working material, period, in fact, since “the employer provides workers with the necessary work equipment, appropriate to the work to be performed or suitably adapted for this purpose, in order to preserve their health and safety. » (article R4321-1 of the Labor Code). In short, once you have this precious material in your hands, you obviously do EVERYTHING to take care of it. But an accident can happen quickly (especially if you are as lucky as my colleague Elise), know that your boss cannot charge you for the repairs or the replacement of your work tools! Same thing in case of theft (items L3251-1 to L3251 of the Labor Code).

OF COURSE this is only true if the damage/loss is unintentional. If you smash your screen with a baseball bat, one day when you’re a little chonchon, you’ll have to line up. You are warned.

4. … And your work uniform if it is imposed on you

Just as he must provide you with your work materials, your employer must also provide you with the clothes he requires. It also joins l’article R4321-1 of the Labor Code, the required clothing constituting “equipment necessary for the task” of employees and temporary workers.

5. Application fees for your PACS

Eh yes ! The conclusion of a PACS in a town hall, at the consulate or in an embassy (for expatriates) does not normally incur any costs. The only case in which you will have to legally put your hand in your pocket: if you decide to draw up the contract before a notary. In this case, the establishment of the agreement or its modification will be charged €101.4 and the registration of the agreement €125. Guess who tried to fool these citizens by making the Pacs pay at the town hall? The mayor of Cholet, as if by chance…

6. The morning after pill

Finally… Not right away, but soon! For the time being, it is issued free of charge to women up to the age of 25. In 2023, its free access must be extended to all women in France. And that, clearly, is news that warms our hearts!

In France??, access to emergency contraception will become free for all women regardless of their age, in pharmacies and without a prescription??

Posted by FRANCE 24 on Wednesday, September 21, 2022

7. Additional costs if you pay by credit card

Some merchants practice “surcharging”: they add taxes of a few cents to payments by credit card, claiming the commission applied by the bank. It is absolutely forbidden. 100% illegal. It’s no. (art. L112-12 of the Monetary and Financial Code).

8. A whole month’s rent if you leave your accommodation during the month

“Any month started is due! = worst fat rat mytho in history. Even if this clause appears on the lease, it is in no way valid. When a tenant decides to leave his accommodation, he must simply respect the notice period imposed, and pay his last month on a pro rata basis. Basically, if you leave on October 7, you only pay for the first 7 days of October. No more no less.

9. …Or outdated equipment

Another owner’s trick you shouldn’t fall into: retention on bail for wear-related damage. Damage resulting from time or normal use of the equipment remains the responsibility of the lessor. In short, don’t be fooled, and take a look at these tips to avoid being scammed by your landlord, this little trickster armed with gold coins.

10. Samples destined to be offered

There’s still a clue about the product: if you pay for something on which it is written, visibly, “product prohibited for sale”, well… You’re a hell of a pigeon, all the same.

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