Top 10 things to know before going to the United States, a very funny country

We have all dreamed of the USA. This completely crazy country, with landscapes each crazier than the other, cars more spacious than a T1 in Paris, burgers more numerous than the number of inhabitants on earth (I’m barely extrapolating) or even laws sometimes so backward that they make you think of a bad joke (cc the gun license and the new bans on abortion). In short, the USA is a country apart. If you have planned to go there, a few small concepts are to be mastered in order to be well prepared. Don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered for you. We are very so cute.

1. You will always find where to eat

Gracias (as we say in the States) to all 24-hour diners. Ah well yes, we said “eat”, not “eat well”, huh!

2. The roads are long and the country huge

To go from Houston (South East) to Seattle (North West) by car, it will take you… 34 hours. Drive 33 hours from Paris, you will see that we are not really on the same delirium. From the capital, in 34 hours by road, you will arrive in Moscow. I let you look on a map, it’s quite impressive.

4. The American McDo is not crazy

Okay, in France, it’s not the best restaurant in the world, either. But still ! McDo France is a brand that closely monitors kitchen hygiene and food preparation methods. On the other hand, in the United States, it is not really the same delirium. The Americans regard the sign as an absolutely deg and filthy thing. We rarely have “a little domac” to have fun the day after the baked, what.

5. The proportions are huge

Since we are in the theme of food and big burgers, be ready to literally eat for two (or even for three) during your stay. Say hello to the 6-tier burgers, the “small” portions of fries that correspond to 12 trays with us or the bottomless Coke glasses.

Picture credits: Topito

6. Priority to the right at crossroads does not exist

Driving in the USA is less confusing than driving in Australia or England. Indeed, the Americans drive on the same side as us! On the other hand, the rules of the road are still not identical at home. For example, at a crossroads without a traffic light, all motorists stop. The order of passage is then in the order of arrival. Simple. Sport. Efficient.

7. Washington DC is definitely not part of Washington State.

As surprising as it may seem for geo marbles: Washington (state) and DC (capital) have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The first is located in the northwest of the country (Seattle is part of this state) while the second is on the east coast, south of Philadelphia. Be aware before planning your trip!

8. Talk about “European football”

Never American football. In the United States, what we call here “Football” is called “Soccer” or “European football”. By definition, for them, “football” is “American football”. But since they are Americans, they don’t need to specify “American”. They just say “Football”. Because they are not going to say “homegrown football”. It’s weird otherwise. You understand ?

Picture credits: Topito

9. Take off your shoes when entering someone’s house.

No offense to good old Pierre Galouise who tries to indoctrinate everyone into wearing shoes indoors: in the USA, it’s a no. It’s disrespectful. We take off our pumps and assume the socks with holes in the big toe.

10. Respect everyone’s living space

Americans are attached to their personal space. Their little bubble. Their living space. Give them space. Don’t sit next to them on the bus unless you have to. Don’t stick them in queues. Don’t go to the urinal right next to someone who is already peeing. Basically, keep your distance, okay?

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